Inspiring Paper Mâché

It’s very early morning and I’m surfing the web again. I ran across a couple of REALLY fantastic paper mâché art pieces. I have to tell you, right off, that not one piece of art in this post is my own (I WISH!)  I just wanted to share it with you because it is so darned inspiring. Of course, all links to the original artwork are included in my post.

The first article that I stumbled across is of a free tutorial on making paper mâché tea cups. Free tutorial?! I’m THERE! This one did not disappoint. The cups are adorable and Ann Wood even has a follow up blog post about her artwork being sold through Anthropolgy in 2016. Very cool stuff. Below is Ann’s blog address.  You MUST check it out. Ann’s work is adorable, fun, interesting and informative. There are lots of cool tutorials as well as things for sale in this blog.

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