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My 2019 Christmas Cottage Decor

Merging the past with the present is what I’m all about this year. Previously I have tried to make each holiday as different from the last as I could. Each season would be bustled in with new ideas, themes and decor. This year, however, I seem to be searching for calm and caring re-connections. As I peered into each storage tub, it occurred to me that I had many old, forgotten treasures from which to choose. In time, it became clear that I did not want to choose a vivid color theme. I wanted all of my old slightly worn friends on display and so this year’s sentimental theme began to take shape.

An eclectic cottage with neutral colored Christmas decorations
The living room is just as eclectic this year as the bedroom, however it is a bit more muted. It is low key and rather neutral in color except for a few pops of red. It’s funny because I pulled bin after bin out of storage and into the living room. After the dust settled I wondered where all of the stuff went. It actually looks kind of empty to me now.
Rustic glam flocked Christmas tree full of ornaments
The tree is a slim line flocked tree with mostly neutral colored ornaments. I packed a ton of ornaments in and on this tree. Natural materials as well as metallics and glittered ornaments are represented. I’m calling this tree’s theme “rustic glam.”
Christmas ornaments
My favorites ornaments are the ones that look kind of old fashioned with sweet little animal scenes tucked inside.
2019 Christmas Cottage
I left the bookcases where they were and just swapped out fall decor for Christmas. The center section has a few of my soft Santa figures staged n a little tree forest.”The chair” got a quick cover of striped fabric with a soft, furry throw. I love this little rustic tree with the simply wrapped packages clustered at the base.
Christmas decor in my cottage entryway.
The entryway went back to simple artwork on the wall. The grey dollhouse is now off the dining table and stationed here in the entry. I’ve placed my little old feather tree on the white chippy table and decorated it with cute small ornaments, still in the neutral color scheme.
a collection of Belsnickles
I LOVE Belsnickles and other Santa figures . Though my collection is small and unimportant, it is cherished because I remember fondly where and when I picked up each and every one of them.
photo montage of 2019 Christmas decorations
The bottom corner shows some of the simple gift wrapping for this year.
Garlands draped over a mirror reflecting a pretty Christmas tree
Reflections of a Christmas tree. I went with four garlands draped over the entry mirror. You can see that I also collect glitter houses and little scenes in domes. Love those.
A photo montage of Christmas decor
Another collection- those cute little natural wooden houses. Little houses get me every time. The Christmas tree is a painting that Les did for me about 15 years ago. I love that rustic primitive look.
snowflakes pinned to an abstract painting hang above a Christmas village.
I was going to paint a Christmas scene for the concrete wall but was running out of time. Instead, I decided to return the abstract piece that was there previously. Snowflake ornaments strung with twine are pinned onto the top edge of the canvas to give it some sparkle.
This little shelf is in the kitchen above the fridge. My kitchen is simply styled with white uppers and with grey lower cabinets.
Won’t you share a few pics of your holiday decor in the comments section? I would love to see what you do.
Modern farmhouse Christmas decorations
I believe in the magic. Do you?
Dollhouse miniatures

Window seat in the 1/12 scale Victoria’s Farmhouse

Just a quick little progress report on the master bedroom in my modern country style dollhouse. I’ve added a window seat to the master bedroom. My plan is to have a cute little reading nook. You may have already read the post about dividing up the back part of this large bedroom. On the other side of the reading nook is a walk -in closet. (The closet is absolutely essential for all of the little shoes and purses that I plane on making.)

That little light above the nook was brass when I bought it, so I used nail polish to paint it a silver tone to better match the rest of the room. My next big decision for the master bedroom is the bed. I have three different types in mind, but my vision changes daily. I need to decide on that before I can proceed with the rest of the furniture.

Ditto for the little girl’s room. Making a decision on the bed will allow the rest of the furniture to fall into place. Here is where the second story interior of the house stands today.

Back to work on the exterior, just a little more, and I will have another update post soon.