Sculptures on the Tips of Lead Pencils

This past weekend Les and I went to Tucson to visit the Miniature Museum. Or more accurately, we went to The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures. OMG! The museum exceeded all of our expectations. The main reason for our visit was to Oooh and Ahh over the dollhouse miniatures, but there was more, MUCH more than just that. I’m going to do another post on what else we saw, but first, I want to share the special exhibit with you.

The temporary exhibit showcased carvings on the tips of lead pencils. Both Les and I have marveled in the past at these mini works of art. “How do they do that?”, has been a recurring question in our conversations about different artisans. Not ones to look ahead to see what we are getting ourselves into (LOL), we were surprised to find out that the special exhibit was on a subject that has fascinated us for so long. The exhibit features over thirty micro mini sculptures done by three different artists.

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