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A better way to make cauliflower pizza

Man! I LOVED finding out about cauliflower pizzas! You can eat a LOT and still be sure that they are all goodness packed with vitamins and minerals. Plus, you can refrigerate them and then pop them into the microwave for a brown bag lunch the next day.

With so many cauliflower pizza recipes already on the web, why would I add yet another one? Because I made a couple cauliflower pizzas following the instructions provided on three different web sites. They were good, but I thought that they could be better.

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How to make bean soup in the crock pot

Making beans in the crock pot is a life changer! Well, maybe it’s not that dramatic of a change, but it’s a good one. I WAS making bean soup the traditional way- soaking them overnight and then cooking them in a stove top soup pot. But in cruising the net for variations on the fifteen bean soup packet, I found that you can cook beans in the crock pot. With no overnight soaking! Who knew? OK, probably all of you, but it was news to me (a late starter,  fledgling cook). The link above is for turkey soup. I made the same but left off the meat. Delicious!

crockk pot beans

What I have pictured here is a thick, hearty soup made with the one hour soup beans from my local farmer’s market. The mix includes small white beans, black eyed peas, split peas and lentils. It’s one hour on the stove top, but seven in the crock pot.

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