How to Make Easy Holiday Coasters

I found these adorable little wooden snowflakes at Target. they were only a dollar for a packet of six. I had them laying out on my coffee table because I used them to style my Cranberry Chutney photos. They were, coincidentally, right next to my plain cork coasters and cup of coffee. (Yep, still trying to break THAT bad habit!)cork coasters and wooden snowflakesBeing the brilliant crafter that I am, I spotted the correlation right away. “Hey, what if I use them for ornaments?! ” Just kidding, the leap to coasters was a short one, but I think that you’ll agree. they are CUTE!handmade coastersAll you need are little wooden laser cut ornaments, plain cork coasters and a hot glue gun. Now if you are going to use them as trivets and set something REALLY hot on them, like say, a hot pot of soup, then use a regular super strong glue like E6000.coastersHappy Holidays!


Fiber Art Tote Bags

fiber art bag by s. mccall

I’m working on a cool, new 2016 calendar  for you right now. Yep, just for you. It will be free, downloadable and printable. That post will be next, but, for just a second, I want to share something fun with you. I have been trolling my photo stash and getting majorly side tracked by the past. Wouldn’t you know that instead of working diligently, I’m tripping down memory lane?And what better day to do it? It is cold, cloudy and rainy outside, so I have my mug of hot chocolate at hand and will show you some pics of cute little bags that I used to make and sell. This bag has a patch pocket with a panel of purchased fabric that I embellished with beads, buttons and embroidery. I don’t work with patterns on these simple totes. I just fold, cut and sew. The handles are my design- I think that the rope and double loops look pretty cool. The next few tote bags feature my painted and stamped fabric on the patch pockets. Pretty cute, huh? Have you tried anything with painted or embellished cloth? If you have posted pictures of your fiber art, why don’t you put a link in “comments”. I would love to check out your art.

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