Make a Fireplace Mantle that only LOOKS Expensive

My sister had a really horrible looking fireplace when she first moved into her house. It's OK, she said it first. Jenny turned to me for my help since I am pretty good at working something out on the cheap. We started our project by going to see what the stores had in stock. Holy… Continue reading Make a Fireplace Mantle that only LOOKS Expensive

Home Decor

Autumn Decor on a Budget

Decorating on the cheap is pretty much the love of my life. Well, and Les and Ali, my family,  art, crafts, reading, cooking, blogging, buying cute clothes for my adorable, smartest-kid-ever grand niece..heheheh...I guess the list is kind of long. At any rate,  decorating ANYTHING is up near the top of said list. I love… Continue reading Autumn Decor on a Budget