Delicious Breakfast Parfait with Thanksgiving Leftovers

On the morning after Thanksgiving, I served my guests a simple, but pretty little breakfast. I do mean “little” since most of us were still full from dinner the evening before! So, I opted for a small slice of spinach cheese fritatta topped with sliced avocado and grated cheese, a couple small links of sausage and a breakfast parfait. The parfait is what the leftovers are made of.

To assemble the parfait, I used a small spoon to scoop out some of the pumpkin pie filling. Can you believe it? There were groans from a few guests over my discarding of that little bit of pie crust. I don’t like pie crust anyway, LOL, only pie fillings. Sweet tooth? You bet! Anyway, my house – my rules. 😅

On top of the spicy pumpkin puree, I added a dollop of vanilla yogurt. A little dash of cranberry chutney, a drizzle of amber honey and a sprinkle of chopped, candied nuts finished the creation. And it was soooo GOOD even without the pie crust.

Happy holidays,