Gold King Mine Ghost Town

Slabs of wood, a bazillion rusty vehicles and machinery, a donkey and a colorful old coot named Don Robertson all have one thing in common:  they reside at the Gold King Mine Ghost Town. One of the most popular ghost towns in the U.S, Gold King is located about a mile north of Jerome, Arizona.… Continue reading Gold King Mine Ghost Town

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Verde Valley Train Trip Through the Southwest High Desert

If you are ever in Clarkdale, Arizona, take a ride on the Verde Valley Train. You should book in advance as the cars are often filled to capacity. This train trip is a little pricey, but worth a take. I mean, you will spend twice as much as  if you go to a movie and… Continue reading Verde Valley Train Trip Through the Southwest High Desert


Urban Camping in Northern Arizona

See that teeny little disturbance in the middle of the photo? That is our camp site. Even though Dead Horse Ranch State Park is practically in the town of Cottonwood, AZ, there is still plenty of wide open space and privacy. Les and I decided to give "Urban Camping" a go this past weekend. Urban… Continue reading Urban Camping in Northern Arizona