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Hiking Watson Lake On a Snowy January Day

The last time that Les and I hiked around Watson Lake was in early summer. It was an oasis of water, granite boulders, varied flowers, foliage and beautiful views. If you are looking to escape the summer heat in our high desert, this is one cool place to be. Now, however, it is winter, but… Continue reading Hiking Watson Lake On a Snowy January Day

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Prescott’s McCormick Arts District GONE

The McCormick arts district in Prescott, AZ is yet another one of our quirky attractions that has vanished. We knew that it was just a matter of time before this happened. Off the beaten path, the funky little bohemian community had a rough time attracting gallery going tourists. The buildings were tiny and old, old,… Continue reading Prescott’s McCormick Arts District GONE

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Hiking the Peavine/ Watson Lake trail in Prescott, Arizona

The Peavine Trail is 11.9 miles in length. The trail offers fabulous views of Watson Lake and Granite Dells. About 1 mile into Peavine we veered off to the left to hop onto the Watson Lake Trail which skirts the lake itself. Les and I walked for 4 miles today and then turned back, so… Continue reading Hiking the Peavine/ Watson Lake trail in Prescott, Arizona

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Visiting the Palatki Cultural Center

The Palatki Cultural Center is awesome! Les and I are interested in ancient ruins as well as artwork from any period of time. This place is rife with both and is located smack-dab in the middle of some of the most amazing red-rock scenery. It gets a HUGE thumbs up from us. OK, now that… Continue reading Visiting the Palatki Cultural Center


Gold King Mine Ghost Town

Slabs of wood, a bazillion rusty vehicles and machinery, a donkey and a colorful old coot named Don Robertson all have one thing in common:  they reside at the Gold King Mine Ghost Town. One of the most popular ghost towns in the U.S, Gold King is located about a mile north of Jerome, Arizona.… Continue reading Gold King Mine Ghost Town