Dusting my Craft Room

DUST! “Dusting and how to tackle it.” Man, I wish that could be the title of this post. The real title should read, “Constant dusting and what to do about it. Beats me! Anybody got any clues?”

messy craft room
This is what I had to tackle this morning. DUST! And lots of it. Not to mention a craft room that has gotten out of control again. Argh!

I have so many little treasures and art supplies that collect dust like you can’t imagine. Of course, it does not help that we live on a very long dirt road, and on top of a hill where the dust devils just love to come roust us out of our reverie. Seriously, those things RUMBLE around here. As soon as I hear one coming,  I run to close all of the windows, but it is no help. So, dusting has become part of my life- an evil part, but necessary none the less.

McCall's craft room
Got up at 4:00 this morning to paint the long, bottom cabinet grey and then sand it to take it from dirty, plain wood (Les found it at a barn sale) to shabby chic wood.         10:58 am. Half way there. All of the toys and things on the shelves above the long cabinet have been removed and thoroughly dusted. Whew!  Time for a coffee break.

I know, I should do like my sister and live the minimalist life. But she has no hobbies and she LOVES sleeping. No kidding- she says that sleep is her hobby and that she doesn’t want to bother with anything else.  I love sleeping too, but I also love making things, collecting things and looking at my little treasures.

I attached the craft paint holder to the side of the wall and moved the green painting over to the other side by the Christmas collectibles. Les made the rustic paint holder for me and I LOVE it. It’s another one of my favorite things that I cannot get rid of.

You’ve probably guessed that I have a LOT of hobbies!  And I HAVE to have all of my art supplies. And I HAVE to live with the windows open all day. Having fresh air and seeing far off into the valley below and the mountains past that is one of my greatest pleasures. And so it goes, round and round…

Putting the now dusted ornaments back onto my little Christmas feather tree. Santa is another favorite. Nope- he can’t go to the charity bin either. LOL, I really am making an effort to let go as I work. The “donate” box is filling up this morning.
Love my little Bethany witch doll. She’s so cute.
Since I have self diagnosed ADD, I also started a new painting this morning. I dust a little, rearrange a little, drink more coffee, and paint a little. I can never go from point A to point B without many detours in between. 😋 

Anyway, don’t judge the floral- this is just the under-painting.

Seriously, I know that many of you are artists, crafters, collectors and sellers. I’m curious- How do YOU deal with the constant dusting of supplies?sandy-signature


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