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Easy DIY, no- sew way to change pillow shapes

Holy-moly! The months are flying by this year! It’s almost time to dress my house in her fall outfit and then, before I can count to ten, it’ll be time for her winter coat. But before the presto change, I wanted to show you my summer decor. For me, the big event always starts with pops of color via pillows. This time, I chose a bright summery yellow to freshen my neutral living room.yellow accents Continue reading “Easy DIY, no- sew way to change pillow shapes”

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How to make REALLY easy and inexpensive pillows

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I LOVE pillows. And I love getting them at really good prices like Ross and TJMax. It is seriously hard for me to resist browsing the pillow aisle at stores. It’s unbelievable how fresh and new you can make a room look just by changing out the accent pillows on a sofa or chair.

It’s also unbelievable how fast you can run out of room in your closet by storing all of your beautiful pillows. Sure, there are Space Bags, but I don’t like looking at a bunch of plastic bags in my closets. My solution is to make pillow covers to go over my existing pillows. That way I get the best of both worlds- lots of pillows taking up very little space. Continue reading “How to make REALLY easy and inexpensive pillows”

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My Simple Christmas Decor

This year was a simple decor. I usually go way overboard on my decorating because of guests and parties. This year has been a busy one, so  I kept the holidays to minimal decorating. It was still fun though, so I wanted to share a little. The inspiration was from Target and some of the bags and gift tags that I found in the dollar bins. I really like the mix of natural woods, red, black and silver.

Christmas bags and tags

Continue reading “My Simple Christmas Decor”

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One Other Great Thing About Visiting People

OK, this is a great thing (for me) but it is really going to sound mean and judgmental on my part and that is seriously not my intention. This has been on my mind as one of those ,”Does anyone else do this or am I just a singularly nosy busy-body?” type of question. Here goes a personal truth…gulp…fall flowers Continue reading “One Other Great Thing About Visiting People”

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A Guide to Guest Room Readiness

Tis the season for… guests! That means airing out the linens, dusting all the corners and, in general, getting those guest rooms ready. I used to travel a lot for my career. Thankfully, I was offered many rooms in private homes so that I could by-pass the expense of hotels. But, Boy! Have I learned a thing or two about guest rooms! Don’t get me wrong. I have deeply appreciated every single home in which I was lucky enough to stay. But… Continue reading “A Guide to Guest Room Readiness”

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IKEA kitchen island remake

Our kitchen is very small, but it didn’t stop me from dreaming of a kitchen island for extra storage. I wanted to be able to clear my counters by storing my crock pot and larger bowls and platters on the island. My idea was to be able to store the blender and toaster as well, but that didn’t happen since even the island is too small. LOL, but it is better than nothing and , frankly, I love the way it turned out.

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Autumn Decor on a Budget

Decorating on the cheap is pretty much the love of my life. Well, and Les and Ali, my family,  art, crafts, reading, cooking, blogging, buying cute clothes for my adorable, smartest-kid-ever grand niece..heheheh…I guess the list is kind of long. At any rate,  decorating ANYTHING is up near the top of said list. Continue reading “Autumn Decor on a Budget”