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Easy Seasonal Cottage Decor

door wreath blog size

Autumn demanded new decorations for my Cottage style home. A welcoming wreath was on the list for my front door. It’s hand crafted and turned out pretty if I may say so myself. An inexpensive grapevine wreath was the jump-off point for this project. I added a little pine greenery, then fall colored picks and pumpkins. A cute Welcome sign that I found at Bell’s department store fit perfectly into the center of the wreath. A big shiny copper ribbon bow completed the look.

Thanksgiving decor

As usual, I changed my entryway to suit the season. This time, I wanted to focus on fall colors and decor to welcome the Thanksgiving holiday.

The design is simple and was based on a couple of new text art pieces that I found at Hobby Lobby. The metal bucket and  faux foliage is also from Hobby Lobby.


A silver, grey and ivory beaded pumpkin place-mat was from Ross- my favorite guilty pleasure shopping store. Well- Ross, Tuesday Morning and TJ Max are equal shopping fun. Since I nearly die of sticker shock every time I go into a store with full retail prices  –  you get the picture. It’s discount and thrift stores all the way for me.


Les made many of the elements in my wall arrangement. Yes, I’m showing off his talent again. (grin). That strange little bird assembly at the top of the arrangement? It’s made with an oak burl and root piece that he found outside. Pretty awesome, huh? I LOVE found art!


Completing the fall decor in the living room was a snap. Cotton ball branches, twigs and red berries were tossed into my sap bucket and DONE! Pretty, inexpensive and easy- that’s my kind of decorating.

S McCall
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Halloween 2017

art arrangement in entryway

A few more Halloween decor pics are in order, I think. Did I tell you that I LOVE decorating for the holidays? “Why?”,  you ask. Just because it makes me happy. I hope that the decorations make you smile too.

The table in the entryway often gets a decorative refresh.  It’s a changeling for holidays as well as the different seasons. The photo above is specifically for Halloween, of course, but take a look at the before picture to the left. This was the summer arrangement with artwork from myself (center painting) and abstract landscapes from Claudia McGill. This time, the entryway went from springy-summer to the dark, spooky colors of Halloween. I love it!


I have a few purchased collectibles, but most of our decorations are made by Les or myself. Above are some store-boughts. Aren’t the little pumpkin buckets adorable?The cool devil bunnies are made by my husband Les Gains. He sculpts them of clay, then makes a mold and pours resin into that. Acrylic paint completes the look. I love his work because it is so unusual. My art always turns out “girly” no matter how edgy I try to make it.


Pictured above are more of Les’ mixed media sculptures. He most often starts with his resin creations and builds from there. So cool!…a close-up of my girly assemblage with more of Les’ devil bunnies surveying the scene…my resin contribution this year is the little pumpkin in the basket. …..ah well…we can’t all be edgy.

Happy Halloween!

S McCall
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Entryway Featuring Artwork by Claudia McGill


Fabulous artist, Claudia McGill gives away paintings! That’s right, they are free. All that she asks is that you pay the shipping fees. Claudia is probably the most prolific artist that I know. She does one small painting a day to challenge herself and then she gives them away. That is so COOL! I wanted to follow in her footsteps, but I couldn’t even get to one painting a week. Nor one a month. I am the embodiment of an anti-prolific artist- painting only when I want to change the art in my decor or when I want to gift someone. (grin)

art arrangement in entryway
Bing Face vase
S McCall

I asked for several of Claudia’s little paintings which she graciously shipped immediately. All I paid was $12.00 for Priority shipping. AMAZING!After much deliberation on how to hang these little gems, I decided to use clips and push pins in keeping with my funky living room decor. I arranged Claudia’s work around a central painting that I did. I think that the colors complement each other.This is my entryway where I can drop my keys and my purse. But, mostly, I can admire Claudia’s work and several other of my favorite art pieces.The face vase was a gift from my friend, Robyn. It is a ceramic vase signed by Bing. Really cool stuff. In the next post, I will share more of Les Gains’ mixed media that is included in my arrangement.

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Summery Yellow Pops of Color

yellow accents via pillows

So you got the low-down on my easy accent pillow transformation here. Next, I want to show you the little pops of bright yellow accents for my living room. Read on for an easy, little DIY surprise.This is my living room with this year’s summer outfit. If you look at the bookcases behind the sofa you will see that I’ve spaced little color accents here and there. The easy DIY secret is, of course, spray paint. I wanted inexpensive little cuties that I could paint without a lot of worry so the hunt was on. First I checked out my local thrift stores. Nothing there. Then I went to Ross and Home Goods – nothing cheap enough there.  My last stop was Hobby Lobby. These items were all marked down to 90 percent off the original price. Wow! That works for me!

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How to make REALLY easy and inexpensive pillows

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I LOVE pillows. And I love getting them at really good prices like Ross and TJMax. It is seriously hard for me to resist browsing the pillow aisle at stores. It’s unbelievable how fresh and new you can make a room look just by changing out the accent pillows on a sofa or chair.

It’s also unbelievable how fast you can run out of room in your closet by storing all of your beautiful pillows. Sure, there are Space Bags, but I don’t like looking at a bunch of plastic bags in my closets. My solution is to make pillow covers to go over my existing pillows. That way I get the best of both worlds- lots of pillows taking up very little space. Continue reading “How to make REALLY easy and inexpensive pillows”

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My Simple Christmas Decor

This year was a simple decor. I usually go way overboard on my decorating because of guests and parties. This year has been a busy one, so  I kept the holidays to minimal decorating. It was still fun though, so I wanted to share a little. The inspiration was from Target and some of the bags and gift tags that I found in the dollar bins. I really like the mix of natural woods, red, black and silver.

Christmas bags and tags
silver clay birds
S McCall

My wreaths are usually huge, full and displayed on the front door of our house. This year I made a very simple rusted wreath. It is displayed in our entryway.One wall in the living room features a little weathered table onto which I placed a wooden horse decked out for winter. I also hung a simple “Noel” sign over my painting.The entry table got the most “treatment”, but even that was a simple change from everyday to holiday. I just took out one of the paintings and replaced it with a rusted metal wreath, added white knit pillows to the chairs and a few Christmas decorations to the shelf and table.Les made these adorable and whimsical clay birds for me a few years ago. I love them, so I bring them out every Christmas.                                                     Happy Holidays!


PS: If you have holiday decor to share, please post your links here. I would love to take a look-see what you have done. 🙂

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One Other Great Thing About Visiting People

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A Guide to Guest Room Readiness

Tis the season for… guests! That means airing out the linens, dusting all the corners and, in general, getting those guest rooms ready. I used to travel a lot for my career. Thankfully, I was offered many rooms in private homes so that I could by-pass the expense of hotels. But, Boy! Have I learned a thing or two about guest rooms! Don’t get me wrong. I have deeply appreciated every single home in which I was lucky enough to stay. But… Continue reading “A Guide to Guest Room Readiness”