A Little Storage Idea

Just a little post about a little storage idea:

I have been trying to help my niece figure out how to organize my great-niece’s toys and books. Tatiana has a ton of stuffed animals that are her favorite toys. She also has a lot of little books. (I’m happy to say that she is a book-nut like her Auntie.)



It was in Marshall’s that I spotted these inexpensive, little mail organizers. I thought that they made perfect holders since Tati’s youth-books are so thin and small. Tucked  alongside her bookcase, there is now breathing room for all of those animals. Eeek! Maybe room for even MORE stuffed animals.

Easy DIY, no- sew way to change pillow shapes

yellow and grey pillows

Holy-moly! The months are flying by this year! It’s almost time to dress my house in her fall outfit and then, before I can count to ten, it’ll be time for her winter coat. But before the presto change, I wanted to show you my summer decor. For me, the big event always starts with pops of color via pillows. This time, I chose a bright summery yellow to freshen my neutral living room.yellow accents Continue reading “Easy DIY, no- sew way to change pillow shapes”

Portable Pill Box Medicine Cabinet

pill box traveling kit

I was doing my usual trolling of Pinterest when I came upon yet another  brilliant idea. Well, I never would have thought of it on my own, that’s for sure. After seeing the pin, I quickly set up my own kit and figured that maybe this could make your life a little easier too. The pin came from Kandy Kreations. http://www.kandykreations.net/2015/07/moms-emergency-box-when-on-go.html

boxes and bottles of emergency supplies
loaded down with boxes and bottles, oh my.

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A Cool Chart for Egg Substitutes in Cooking and Baking

I am new to the vegan scene, and really new to cooking my own food so becoming vegan can be a little confusing for me. I thought that it would be the simplest thing in the world. Just eat veggies and throw in some protein powder shakes, right? Well, if you do any kind of grocery shopping for convenience, canned or frozen goods, you will see that almost everything processed has added chemicals, flour, milk or eggs in it. Man! Too many labels to read, so to simplify, I am trying to cook and eat as naturally as I can. No processed foods here. For me, it is a radical change and something that I have to train myself to think about.

I printed out the chart below as an easy reminder of what I can use as an egg substitute in baking and cooking.  My husband thinks that I won’t be able to stick with this because I have been a junk-food junkie and drive-through dolly most of my life. If I don’t count high blood pressure, I am lucky to have no major health problems with my here-to-fore crappy diet.

9 Plant Based Egg Substitutions Infographic

For some reason, my eyes have been instantly pried open to the cruelty of animals in the factory farming biz. I can no longer deny the facts or be a part of this hideous system. In fact, I feel so, so sad at the thought of all of the tortured animals that have died on my behalf. That were murdered just so that I can eat them. Or animals that have lived tortured and shortened lives just so that I can steal their milk and eggs. It’s sick. I used to believe the ads about “Happy cows” and “cage free” chickens. But, now I know that it is all just phony advertisements. Did you know that “cage free” means simply that. The reality is that they are not in tight little cages, but in a huge cage. The chickens are kept in filthy overcrowded buildings and still have their beaks burned off? The bottom line is: How can I say that I love animals and then blindly participate in factory farming cruelty?Think You Know 'Free-Range' and 'Cage Free' Chicken? Think Again.

Speaking of advertisements, have you seen the Fairlife commercials where the lovely family that supposedly own the Fairlife Farms are drinking milk that is supposed to be better for you with only half the sugar added to the chocolate milk? I actually bought some chocolate milk for my niece and grand-niece. Steph, Tat’s mom tasted it and immediately said that this stuff has Sucralose in it. I checked the label and was surprised that they would tout the milk as healthy and then add chemicals to it. When you read the label, you will see that the other half of the sweeteners are both Acesulfame K and Sucralose. So, let’s see…half the sugar and better for us?! Now I wonder if that cute little family in the commercials is related at all or are they all just actors too? That was all before I decided that dairy farming, even under “humane” conditions is nuts.


Anyway, back on point- Eggs: I’ve become slightly obsessed about eggs and what to use for a substitute in cooking and baking. I mean eggs and milk are in practically EVEYTHING that is store-bought. This little chart covers a lot of substitutes that I have yet to try. But I will – starting today as soon as my husband is up and off to work. THEN I can make some kitchen noise on my day off. Looking forward to making up a new batch of grilled veggies and some yummy homemade bread. Will post the results soon.

S McCall

Courtesy of: Ordinary Vegan

Mama Cow Loves, Thinks, Plans and Acts

I have been on the fence about dairy products- specifically cheese , yogurt and half and half. This story knocked me to my senses. It is so sweet, while at the same time, so, so sad.

Violet's Vegan Comics

Photo Credit: Joan Bryden Photography http://www.wildcardwalks.co.uk/photo-galleries-farm-cattle.html Photo Credit: Joan Bryden Photography http://www.wildcardwalks.co.uk/photo-galleries-farm-cattle.html

I just found a story here, on the globalanimal.org website, which is a wake up call for all animal lovers who still use dairy.  Just like Deidra, the mother in this story demonstrated not only the love she had for her calf, but the complicated thought process she used in her attempt to save him:

By Holly Cheever DVM:

I would like to tell you a story that is as true as it is heartbreaking. When I first graduated from Cornell’s School of Veterinary Medicine, I went into a busy dairy practice in Cortland County. I became a very popular practitioner due to my gentle handling of the dairy cows. One of my clients called me one day with a puzzling mystery: his Brown Swiss cow, having delivered her fifth calf naturally on pasture the night before, brought the new baby to the…

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One REALLY important Thing That I Wish I’d Known Before Closing down my old blog.

Blog.com was “down” too often for my liking. I wanted a blog platform that was more reliable and I had heard good things about WordPress. So, I closed down my Blog.com site and leapt on over here to my new blog.

Guess what??? If you simply delete your blog, you will no longer have access to updating any of your old posts. OK, you say. That’s the point, right?

Well, right, but what I did not count on is that my old blog posts are still on the internet and now I have no way of actually deleting them. The search engines bring up my old blog posts, people click on them and then get back to me to tell me that you cannot navigate around my blog. You can’t navigate because it no longer exists. Arghhh! How to stop the search engines from finding my old blog? I have no idea.

If anyone can help me out with this problem, please point me in the right direction. For anyone considering bailing on their old blog, remember to delete every single post before closing the blog down!

S McCall

How to keep the “fresh” in fresh herbs

fresh herbs

In the manner of cooking light, I am just now learning about seasoning with fresh herbs. I have learned that they turn black and not so fresh fairly fast, so I scoured the web for advice on how to keep them fresher and for longer periods of time. In other words, how do you store fresh herbs? Continue reading “How to keep the “fresh” in fresh herbs”

Life after death for AA batteries in a digital camera

Did you know that your AA batteries still have life left in them even after your digital camera shuts down and orders you to change them? It’s true, they are not dead yet so don’t toss them!

I have been reading about batteries this morning- for HOURS! I’m no electronics expert or even know the slightest thing about batteries so I’m serious when I say that this morning has been a confusing maze for me. My head hurts. Continue reading “Life after death for AA batteries in a digital camera”