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Your Local Friends of the Library Store Has Amazing Deals on Books

Out side of art and crafts and music, Les and I LOVE books! Except for the bathrooms, we have at least one bookshelf in every room of the house. One of our all-time favorite places to score great books is our library. I don’t know if every state has a “Friends of the Library” store, but it will be worth your time to check it out.

This is one wall of our “dining room. Yes, there is a table and some chairs, but the other sides of the room are lined with art supplies (as it should be.)
This is just a small sampling of fab art books that we got on our last trip.
Lots of fun prompts on colorful pages.
See What I mean? Don’t you just want to start doodling?
The cover is kind of…but then you look inside this book and oh, WOW!
Some journaling examples for our friend, Lesley Riley.
And from our friend Jenny Doh, more art journal examples.
I won’t say that this book changed my life, I’m still reading it, but MAN! There are some wonderful chapters on how you may have lost your creative confidence and how you may get it back. Loving this book.
The ‘Creative Confident’ also has a lot of full color gorgeous artwork inside.
This book has a ton of cool ideas to jump start your mixed media painting fun.
And example of monotype combined with watercolor. Along with the examples, there are great step-by-step instructions for making each type of art.
Two books from our friend, Rîce Freeman Zachary. Rïce is an artist herself so, she has a clue about the life of a working artist. Along with her knowledge of art and craft, Rïce has a fun, fast flowing way of writing that I really enjoy reading. There are, of course, several different stories from varied artists explaining how they work, what their studio situation is like, how they overcome creative blocks and so on.

The lesson here? Check out your local “Friends of the Library” store. I truly hope that your city has at least one.

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Portable Pill Box Medicine Cabinet

I was doing my usual trolling of Pinterest when I came upon yet another  brilliant idea. Well, I never would have thought of it on my own, that’s for sure. After seeing the pin, I quickly set up my own kit and figured that maybe this could make your life a little easier too. The pin came from Kandy Kreations.

boxes and bottles of emergency supplies
loaded down with boxes and bottles, oh my.
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One REALLY important Thing That I Wish I’d Known Before Closing down my old blog. was “down” too often for my liking. I wanted a blog platform that was more reliable and I had heard good things about WordPress. So, I closed down my site and leapt on over here to my new blog.

Guess what??? If you simply delete your blog, you will no longer have access to updating any of your old posts. OK, you say. That’s the point, right?

Well, right, but what I did not count on is that my old blog posts are still on the internet and now I have no way of actually deleting them. The search engines bring up my old blog posts, people click on them and then get back to me to tell me that you cannot navigate around my blog. You can’t navigate because it no longer exists. Arghhh! How to stop the search engines from finding my old blog? I have no idea.

If anyone can help me out with this problem, please point me in the right direction. For anyone considering bailing on their old blog, remember to delete every single post before closing the blog down!

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Cassie writes fascinating articles about her world travels in which she includes fabulous photos. This article especially caught my eye since I have been wondering how in the heck do you get enough money to do so much travel.
A ton of great ideas here if even for making ends meet.

I had to chuckle over her idea about lattes. “your large-triple shot-soy-caramel-latte” still, my heart. LOL. I had to give up my Venti Raspberry Green Tea Frappe from Starbucks a while back. I came up with a great tasting home-made alternative so, I’m adjusting. (grin)


“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do – Oprah Winfrey”

I know we all want to win the lotto or find a way to grow our own money tree, but the reality is nothing comes that easy! Travel is all I seem to think about at the moment (I currently have 3 holidays booked!), so saving money quickly is a priority for me – but that’s what happens when you fall in love with exploring the world.

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