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Replacements for dairy, egg, fats, sugar, gelatin…the list goes on

Since I am still learning about cooking with plant based foods I have been noodling around on the web looking for information. I just discovered this looooong list of replacements from Vim Life. It’s really useful and contains so much information that I’m excited to pass it along to you. For instance, I never thought of using rolled oats as a soup thickener, did you? Brill!

Below, is the categories to be found in their post. Really interesting and a good read. Click the colorful “Replacements” box to go there.


Dairy and Egg Replacements

Fat Replacements

Spice and Sauce Replacements

Sugar Replacements

Gelatin (made from animal bone marrow)

Snack Foods (high fat)

Supplement Savvy – B12


Positive Affirmations- Helpful or Hokey?

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