How to Make Easy Holiday Coasters

I found these adorable little wooden snowflakes at Target. they were only a dollar for a packet of six. I had them laying out on my coffee table because I used them to style my Cranberry Chutney photos. They were, coincidentally, right next to my plain cork coasters and cup of coffee. (Yep, still trying… Continue reading How to Make Easy Holiday Coasters


Easy DIY Snowflake Ornaments

And now for more DIY ornaments on the cheap!  (hehehe...nope, it never ends.) I embellished these snowflakes for my niece last year. Since I took step-by-step pics, I thought that I'd share them with you. Our goal last year was to keep it kind of old fashioned in feel with bronze stocking holders and mostly… Continue reading Easy DIY Snowflake Ornaments


Fun and Easy DIY Marbled Christmas Ornaments

This nail polish marbling is THE most fun because you never know exactly how each ornament will turn out. They are all different and, mostly, all cool. Even the ones that are kind of messed up can be re-dipped and made pretty. This is an easy, fail- safe way to decorate clear Christmas ornaments. In… Continue reading Fun and Easy DIY Marbled Christmas Ornaments

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Easy Halloween DIY

Just a quick post to share a fun little Halloween DIY. It's easy and open to interpretation, so kids love it. They really get creative with their painted creatures. You might recognize the wooden base that I used for my figures. They are unpainted wooden finials. You can get them at just about any hobby… Continue reading Easy Halloween DIY


Art Jewelry – How to Solder a Funky-Cool Rustic Pendant

Rustic Jewelry "Art jewelry" is an apt term for this necklace since it is made to display your art. The pendant is designed as a housing for your artwork, rubber stamped art, vintage postcards, photographs - whatever you want to display in the holder. I'm using a purchased dog tag for my base, but you… Continue reading Art Jewelry – How to Solder a Funky-Cool Rustic Pendant