An Easy Way to Age Wood and Fabric

Doll efore aged transformation
Ms Pumpkin in her original condition and before her Age-It Easy application. Notice that the muslin looks too pale and new. Also note her lack of flowers and her plain hat. We’ll just SEE about THAT! 😃

When I bought Ms Pumpkin at an art booth, I thought that the style and shape was perfect for my primitive/rustic Halloween decor. I knew that she looked too new and that I wanted to tea stain her to look a little more primmy, if you know what I mean.

Once again, my mother of invention was laziness. Since I really did not want to take the time to get a good tea stain, I wondered if this aging liquid would work on fabric as well as wood.

Age-It Easy weathering treatment for wood
I love this stuff for aging my raw wood minis, but I also love it for an easy way to age cotton fabric.

Age-It Easy truly does make it easy to age wood. I ordered this product online at Micro-Mark. The only thing that I have thought to use it on, before this, was wooden miniatures.

Prim doll for Halloween
Notice the addition of Ms Pumpkin’s flowers and her hat enhancement too.

The process is simple. This aging liquid comes ready to apply in any way that you like. I used a paint brush. It seeped into the fabric fast. I did not have to use much of the liquid at all. Part of the reason that I did not want to make a watered down acrylic or ink wash was that I was afraid that it would come out too dark or streak beyond my control on the muslin.

Easy way to age a rustic cloth doll
A gracefully aged lady.

You can see by the results that it works great. It is not as mottled as a good tea stain or even real aging would be. However, for a quick and easy aging process, I think that it turned out to be perfect. I will admit that if Ms Pumpkin was for anything other than a once a year use, then yes, I would give her a proper tea bath.

If you already own this for wood crafts, maybe you will want to think about using it to age fabric as well.


Halloween Paper Rosettes


This year I’ve put up not one, but TWO Halloween trees! Naturally, that gave me an excuse to make even more Halloween ornaments. I’ve been wanting to make paper rosettes for a while now, but have never had a reason to do so. You see, I’m a functional crafter. I craft when I need something, either to give away or for my own home. The rest of the time I’m pretty busy with work and home chores. Or I’m pretty lazy preferring  to sit on the couch reading or crocheting.

But this year: Let’s make Paper rosettes!


The very first thing that I did in preparation for my ornaments was to purchase a score-board. I knew about them, but had not needed one before now. The thought of measuring 1/4″ spaces along 12″ strips of paper and then carefully accordion folding each one was too much. Then, to multiply the strips to about 20 ornaments…argh. Nope- not gonna do that.

I tossed on some shoes and ran right to the craft store. I found several different makes and sizes of score-boards. The large one was perfect because I knew that Les would use it for his paper creations- books, envelopes, etc. The board was a steal considering how much time it would save and that I had a 50 percent off coupon for that day.

The next step was to go online to see if there were any hints or tips on making small rosettes.

Wow! There sure were and they are so much easier to make than they were way back when I first learned about them. This step-by-step-blog post is incredibly easy to understand and follow if you need. For full instructions, click the photo to the right or click on the link below.


You will most likely want some printables for the centers of the rosettes, some ribbon and assorted glitters (optional of course, but oh so cool.)

After learning to make rosettes the easy way, I scoured the internet for free printable art to attach to my creations. This sheet was put together by me and is free for you to print if you like. the sheet pictured is of a small size for the web. But if you click on it, it will take you to a page with a full sized sheet.


The weird but adorable cats and pumpkins in the photo on the left are by Jack Teagle. I got them way back in 2011 or 12. This was the link, but I don’t know if he sells the prints anymore. I cannot find them on his blog today. You may have to contact him or resort to the regular clip art above or search the web of course.


Here they are! TADA! A bunch of cute little Halloween rosettes that can be used, not only for ornaments for your tree, but also for gift wrapping, assemblage and a ton of other crafts.

S McCall

And- tada- here’s the tree. I wanted a black tree  that looked kind of like a vintage feather tree. What I found was a green Christmas tree that I spray painted black. Turned out cute if I do say so myself.


Easy DIY, no- sew way to change pillow shapes

yellow accents

Holy-moly! The months are flying by this year! It’s almost time to dress my house in her fall outfit and then, before I can count to ten, it’ll be time for her winter coat. But before the presto change, I wanted to show you my summer decor. For me, the big event always starts with pops of color via pillows. This time, I chose a bright summery yellow to freshen my neutral living room.

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How to Make Fidget Quilts

fidget quilt

My friend, Jillian over at Refashionista, posted a wonderful idea about fidget quilts for dementia patients. I had never heard of such a thing, but after reading her bog post, I did a little more research and found that the quilts help sooth the anxieties of Alzheimer’s patients, people with autism, people who have restless finger syndrome and, of course, fidgety children. I think that it is a brilliant idea, so I’m excited to pass this info on to you. One of Jillian’s reader comments came from Tambra. She suggests using already quilted place mats or fabric remnants from thrift stores. That way, you do not have to know how to quilt. Nor do you have to be intimidated by the very idea of quilting as the base work will be done for you.Just think, you could use something personal to the patients or child. It could be photos of beloved pets, wedding rings, brooches, something that they liked to craft when they were able- even fabric from items that brought them joy.

Read on to Jillian’s post and be inspired to do something really thoughtful today.


Let’s Talk About Scraps, Baby: Fidget Quilts for Dementia Patients | ReFashionista

A question I’m getting a lot in my your comments is, “What do you do with your scraps?”. While in the past, my scraps have become anything from pillow stuffing to sunglasses cases…

Source: Let’s Talk About Scraps, Baby: Fidget Quilts for Dementia Patients | ReFashionista

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Free Printable Paper Projects

I just had to share one of my new favorite paper places on the web. If you love paper projects, you will LOVE Mel’s blog – Melstampz.  She includes the smallest detail in her tutorials. The tutorials are easy to follow, with step-by step instructions, lots of photos and printable templates. There also a ton of free paper designs. I love the one  with all of the ephemera styled papers. Mel’s tags are adorable as well.

How Cute is this little ribbon spool with a hidden compartment?!♥

Round 3D challenge - faux ribbon spool with hidden compartment - mel stampz

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One REALLY important Thing That I Wish I’d Known Before Closing down my old blog. was “down” too often for my liking. I wanted a blog platform that was more reliable and I had heard good things about WordPress. So, I closed down my site and leapt on over here to my new blog.

Guess what??? If you simply delete your blog, you will no longer have access to updating any of your old posts. OK, you say. That’s the point, right?

Well, right, but what I did not count on is that my old blog posts are still on the internet and now I have no way of actually deleting them. The search engines bring up my old blog posts, people click on them and then get back to me to tell me that you cannot navigate around my blog. You can’t navigate because it no longer exists. Arghhh! How to stop the search engines from finding my old blog? I have no idea.

If anyone can help me out with this problem, please point me in the right direction. For anyone considering bailing on their old blog, remember to delete every single post before closing the blog down!

S McCall

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How to make REALLY easy and inexpensive pillows

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I LOVE pillows. And I love getting them at really good prices like Ross and TJMax. It is seriously hard for me to resist browsing the pillow aisle at stores. It’s unbelievable how fresh and new you can make a room look just by changing out the accent pillows on a sofa or chair.

It’s also unbelievable how fast you can run out of room in your closet by storing all of your beautiful pillows. Sure, there are Space Bags, but I don’t like looking at a bunch of plastic bags in my closets. My solution is to make pillow covers to go over my existing pillows. That way I get the best of both worlds- lots of pillows taking up very little space. Continue reading “How to make REALLY easy and inexpensive pillows”

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Genius Up-Cycled Christmas Bling

Up-cycling just about anything gets me excited. As a kid, my Dad would take me to the dump with him. Way back when, it was permitted to rummage through the outskirts of the dump to find things that people had tossed, but were still useful or could be made into something better. It is mind blowing to see everything that people throw away only to be buried in a land fill. Such a waste hurts my heart to this day. Continue reading “Genius Up-Cycled Christmas Bling”