Finished Painting

I often have to look at a painting for quite a while before I know that it’s finished. I had put this one away some time ago, not quite sure where I wanted to go with it. Today, I thought that I would finish some “old” paintings. So I got this one out and guess what? I think that I like it just the way it is. It may be that I recognized an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a while, but i think that I’ll leave this one alone.  🙂

acrylic painting

S McCall


Beaded Necklaces

Now and then I get out my beads and jewelry findings to make a HUGE mess spread all over the work table. I usually manage to accomplish just a few little trinkets. Is it worth the time? LOL, not really, but it’s fun mixing and matching components to come up with something cool to wear. Here are a couple of my latest necklaces paired with little wire wrapped charms and trinkets.fetish-necklacelove-pendant silver knecklaceS McCall

knecklacesouthwest beaded necklace

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Free Printable Paper Projects

I just had to share one of my new favorite paper places on the web. If you love paper projects, you will LOVE Mel’s blog – Melstampz.  She includes the smallest detail in her tutorials. The tutorials are easy to follow, with step-by step instructions, lots of photos and printable templates. There also a ton of free paper designs. I love the one  with all of the ephemera styled papers. Mel’s tags are adorable as well.

How Cute is this little ribbon spool with a hidden compartment?!♥

Round 3D challenge - faux ribbon spool with hidden compartment - mel stampz

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Focus on Finery with Robert Shields

In my previous post,  In the Art Studio with Robert Shields, we got to tour Robert’s art studio. Now I want to show you his bead collection and a few pieces of his jewelry.

Robert is a “maker”. He loves to draw and design art elements, so he has his hands in all forms of art. His company, Robert Shields Creations encompasses a huge variety of artwork including a line of sterling silver pendants, brooches and beaded jewelry. 

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In the Art Studio with Robert Shields

Robert Shields is a mime, turned actor, turned artist. Well, that is not exactly right. Robert first became well known all over the world  as THE  San Francisco Street Mime in the 60′s and 70′s. Then he joined up with dancer Lorene Yarnell. Together they created and starred in their own TV variety show: Shields and Yarnell.  But he has been an artist for far longer than that.

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Genius Up-Cycled Christmas Bling

Up-cycling just about anything gets me excited. As a kid, my Dad would take me to the dump with him. Way back when, it was permitted to rummage through the outskirts of the dump to find things that people had tossed, but were still useful or could be made into something better. It is mind blowing to see everything that people throw away only to be buried in a land fill. Such a waste hurts my heart to this day. Continue reading “Genius Up-Cycled Christmas Bling”


Fiber Art Tote Bags

fiber art bag by s. mccall

I’m working on a cool, new 2016 calendar  for you right now. Yep, just for you. It will be free, downloadable and printable. That post will be next, but, for just a second, I want to share something fun with you. I have been trolling my photo stash and getting majorly side tracked by the past. Wouldn’t you know that instead of working diligently, I’m tripping down memory lane?And what better day to do it? It is cold, cloudy and rainy outside, so I have my mug of hot chocolate at hand and will show you some pics of cute little bags that I used to make and sell. This bag has a patch pocket with a panel of purchased fabric that I embellished with beads, buttons and embroidery. I don’t work with patterns on these simple totes. I just fold, cut and sew. The handles are my design- I think that the rope and double loops look pretty cool. The next few tote bags feature my painted and stamped fabric on the patch pockets. Pretty cute, huh? Have you tried anything with painted or embellished cloth? If you have posted pictures of your fiber art, why don’t you put a link in “comments”. I would love to check out your art.

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