About my Cooking and Recipes

chicken and rice with spicy coconut sauce
chicken and brown rice with spicy coconut sauce and pumpkin seeds

You know how they say there is nothing worse than a “reformed” anything? Yep, that person would be me. I want to preach to anybody who will listen and /or read about the necessity of clean eating. After loading “Use Your Brain to Change Your Age”  by Dr. Amen onto my MP3, I listened to the audio book. The reader and the writer were both very compelling. Now I’m a believer too.  I realize that I have been letting my inner child run amok while denying myself the gift of a good brain and a healthy body for far too long. My brain and body are feeling the effects, believe me.

All of that to say that I am relatively new to clean eating and cooking. After several decades of eating pizzas, pastries, Diet Cokes, ice cream and candy, I’m finally awakened to how badly I have been treating myself. I used to laugh at people who would tell me that such and such will kill me. My answer was always, “So. At least I’ll die with a smile on my face.” Now I understand that I will NOT be dying with a smile on my face and I will not even be living with a smile if I do not change my food profile NOW.

roasted root vegetables
roasted root vegetables
grilled vegetables
grilled vegetables

I am trying to clean up my act by eating anti-inflammatory foods that are organic and nutritionally dense. My main goal is to limit processed sugar, wheat, fried and processed foods while, at the same time, up my intake of vegetables. And, of course, I’ve eliminated chemical soups such as Diet Cokes.  I also take one day a week to prepare all of our lunches and dinners for the work week to come. That way, Les and I can just grab and go – thus eliminating the urge to “drive through” a fast food joint.

gluten free tart cups
Trio of mini tarts in gluten free graham cracker crust

I am doing a lot of experiments with great foods that will satisfy my palate, have a short list of ingredients and still be easy to make. For you, it means a lot of yummy  recipes heading your way – some of them gluten free, some dairy free, some sugar free, all of them organic and all  delicious.

Follow my blog for new recipes as they come right out the oven, stove or food processor as the case may be. 🙂 OH! And do let me know what you think.

Good eating to you my friend.