A Little Americana Craft

So, today I wanted to catch up on my hiking posts. That was the plan anyway. But instead, I think that I will share my tiny little craft for this year’s fourth of July.

Welcome to the smallest post that you will ever see from me.

Patriotic wood block craft
Yep, this is it. I still love wood block art as well as Americana.

This is my one and only addition to my 4th of July display. Did I set up the display? Nope! Not this year. Not even with all of this time on my hands. Ah well, maybe next year. For now, I think that it is time to cycle around to my dollhouses again.

Until next time: Stay safe, well and happy.

6 thoughts on “A Little Americana Craft

  1. I love this. I have always liked Americana crafts. Can’t wait to see this doll house of yours, hope you share that. Happy 4th to you and yours. Oh, and I also usually have a 4th of July display out but we only have our large American flag out there now. I watched it blowing in the wind all day today, it was so nice.

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