Folk Art Felt Flowers

Hey there. Do you want to see what is on the craft table today? Hint: it’s got something to do with felt circles.

A scattering of happy little felt folk art flowers
Making these happy little flowers could not be easier.

I started out with the intention of making little primitive felt penny mats, but then changed course in the middle of the process. The stitched circles made such cute flowers as they were scattered on my work table that I just had to make some for display.

Cutting circles out of felt
The first step is to cut out little circles of felt. This was going to be a primitive felt penny mat so I cut out a lot of circles at the beginning of my project..

Crafting these little “penny” flowers could not be easier. See the progression in the photo below.

Progression of making a felt penny flower.
Whip stitch one little circle to a larger one. Form a spiral at at the end of a piece of wire. Stitch the wire to the back of a flower. It can be messy – this will be hidden when you stitch a backing to the flower. Flip the flower over and make a little “X’ in the center. Use a running stitch to attach a felt backing.
Stitching around the outside of a felt flower
Stitching around the outside of a felt flower
Making folk art felt flowers
Flowers waiting for a bouquet. Add a little piece of ribbon to make “leaves”
Color variations on folk art felt flowers
Here is a little arrangement in front of Les’ artwork. This grouping is done in shades of grey (still my all-time favorite color).
Happy crafting on your stay-at-home time.

6 thoughts on “Folk Art Felt Flowers

  1. They are beautiful and my fingers itch to touch them. They remind me also of a long ago childhood project where we glued seeds to a cardboard circle to make flower heads and attached a wire for a stem. But I like the softness of these better. They are welcoming.


    1. Thanks Claudia. The cardboard flowers sound so cool. We did something similar in the 6th grade, but with paper. We wer supposed to finish our flowers at home and then bring them back the next day for show-and-tell. I happily glued on a perfect but dead moth that I found on my walk home. I was so excited to present my creative idea, but instead I got in trouble and was scolded to “take that filthy thing out of my classroom”.
      WOW! And so began a long list of dip-shit, art killing teachers. Bitter much? LOL

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    1. Thanks Michelle. I had to ask Les if he liked leaves or no leaves because I wasn’t sure. I kind of liked the plain wire too. It looked more grungy but the leaves softened the overall look of the flowers up a bit. He voted for leaves and I had to agree.

      Liked by 1 person

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