Desert Landscapes in Pastel

Finally! I see a little glimmer of hope. After thinking about some very good advice that I’ve been gifted, I am going to stop worrying about whether something is good or not. I’m just going to let go and work my pastels for the enjoyment factor. Because seriously, I’m starting to worry all of the joy of painting right out of it. (Warning: Stop reading here and just skip to the image if you hate reading self-indulgent ramblings.)

Which brings me to, “Why?” Why fret so much that I do not even want to pick up a stick and just START already!? Yesterday I sat with my coffee and read a story about Jun Kaneko. He does massive ceramic sculptures along with brilliant paintings, set and costume design. One of his thoughts was that he has trouble picking a path for each project, because in picking one you have to exclude all others. OMG! That is so me! I am into everything and every style of art and craft. My mind constantly whirs with all of the possibilities. Trying to pick one path to complete a project is so HARD. I don’t like to exclude any process or style. That is why I start one painting and go through about ten different versions on one piece of paper before I sigh and give up. Les asks me why I don’t just take each version off the board and start a new painting on a new piece of paper. It is because I am trying to accomplish something with THIS painting and I can’t keep a clear vision of what it is. Crazy, huh?

Pastel painting of an Arizona desert

I am so glad to have picked up American Craft yesterday. After choosing one impressionistic path, I like the results of today’s paintings much more.

pastel painting of a desert landscape

Today’s wish for you, my friends, is that you are staying safe and getting the results that you want, what ever they may be.

9 thoughts on “Desert Landscapes in Pastel

    1. You have just made my day Claudia. 😀 I’m trying to move in that direction where I am just suggesting things and not drawing each little leaf. Plus, I am trying to be more gestural and less literal. It is a struggle for me not to slip into too much detail.

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  1. Amazing pieces. I can totally relate to being challenged with picking a path. I love many crafts and even in my fiber art/quilting I like so many styles – I want to do something traditional, then something improvisational, and something primitive style, and then farm girl quilt (and I am as far from a farm girl as you can imagine) – I love it all 🙂
    Maybe you do not have to pick a path. Maybe you can just wander around and try as much as you can, it seems whatever you do you do it well 🙂

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