A Pastel Study

Just a quick post of one of the “not-too-bad” studies from the drive out to Salt Mine. As you can see, it still looks juvenile, but I’ll keep working at it and posting the results that won’t burn your eyeballs out.

Pastel study from drive out to Salt Mine, Arizona

11 thoughts on “A Pastel Study

    1. Thank you Claudia. I am on a mission to “get it” with pastels. I’ve never been good at practicing or doing daily paintings, but pastels? Yeah, I can see that it’s going to take a lot of practice and daily discipline. LOL, Discipline? Who me?


      1. I know what you mean! I think you have to do what you’re doing, just draw what you want and hey, next thing you know, you’ve been practicing. Right? I personally think your work is pretty advanced already. And as always shows your attention to detail and your good eye for color.

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      2. Thanks Claudia. Yesterday, I started drawing little circles all over my painting. I often go toward little circles. I thought, “Stop it! What are you doing to this painting?!” So I stepped away for the day. On looking at it this morning with fresh eyes, I thnk, “Huh. That is kind of interesting. Maybe I should stop trying to draw like the artists that I admire and just go with small circles all over everything.” LOL… Ahhh…the road to artisanal maturity is a rocky one for me.


      3. Don’t worry about if it is good. Worry about if you are doing it the way you want to be doing it (which can include anything including that you are just enjoying moving the brush or chalk or whatever around.)

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