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Resale Display Booth

A month ago, I signed an agreement to rent a space in a retail/vintage/antique store. My seller space will consist of two bookcases that are about the same size as mine. In order to figure out what I want to sell and how I want to arrange it for display, I emptied one of my book cases.

Mis-Century modern display in a resale booth
This Mid-Century lamp looked fine with this shade when it was sitting lower in the entry hall. But, on the higher bookcase, it just doesn’t work. I am going to go look for a taller lampshade before I actually put it in the store.

I did the painting just as a prop to pull together the idea of a Mid-Century display.

I’ve decided to make one of the cases sort of mid-century vintage and the other leaning more toward shabby chic. I’ve been busy cleaning, pricing and researching vintage items online.

resale display booth of vintage and shabby chic ware
My books won’t be on the bottom shelf in the store, of course. I’ve got a few baskets that will fit in there and some etchings that will be propped against it.

The date to move in to the store was April first. Now, of course, everything is on hold. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the small store can weather the downturn in customers and sales and that all will be back to normal soon.

What have you been up to during this time of quarantine?

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