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Idea for Standard IKEA Bookcases

Standard wood toned Ikea bookcases can look kind of…well, boring. Years ago, I treated our shelves to a fun edging and I have never tired of them since. To alleviate some of the brown, I painted the side edges black. The top half of the inside panel got a coat of an aqua-celedon colored paint. I buy “Oooops” paint and then remix them all of the time, so who knows what color it was to begin with.

silk screened wooden blocks attached to the edge of a bookcase
The little wooden blacks that Les drew and then silk-screened. We used to sell them at rubber stamp conventions.

The front edges of the shelves got either a yardstick, a wooden slat or a string of really cool little wooden blocks that I had to individually nail. Les drew and then silk screened the images in black. If any of you attended a rubber stamp convention when Les and I were vendors, you may have even purchased a couple packs of the silk screened blocks. What are the chances that a special buyer is reading my blog. LOL, but it really would be cool to know about it. The hey-day of rubber stamps and conventions- those were truly fun days.

Using a yardstick to decorate a bookcase
I used yardsticks, slats of wood and small blocks to embellish a edges of bookcase shelves. I also painted the front side edges black to alleviate some of the brown, brown, brown.

In our stash, we also had these little metal label holders. I attached them with red thumbtacks just because I like that tiny bit of color. The red looks kind of old- like maybe the 50’S? I cut out and inserte print that has nothing to do with anything- I just liked the look.

Edge of an IKEA bookcase with a metal label holder attached with red tacks.
Metal label holder with red thumbtacks

See? The plain bookcases do not have to stay that way. You can stay on budget, but also have a little fun with the inexpensive furniture.

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