Les’ Beanies

Les like to wear beanies that he can roll up or wear unrolled as skull caps. I have been happily crocheting them for him. Yep, that is a cool husband who will wear my crocheted creations. LOL… And out in public no less.

Les gains playing guitar with the band, Famous in Denmark
Not only is Les a Pal by wearing my beanies, but also the bracelet that I made for him and the shirt that I embroidered for him. We love making things for each other. Those are the best gifts.

These beanies are really easy, fun and quick to work up. Plus, half the fun is gathering my scrap yarn and choosing colorways. I don’t use a pattern except to look for stitches that grab my attention. All of the beanies are worked in the round, starting with a circle at the top, increasing until I reach an approximate head size and then worked straight down to the crown.

assorted crocheted beanies
An assortment of beanies crocheted with a variety of stitches. It’s easy. Start with a circle and just keep changing the rounds to different stitches. Find interesting stitches on Pinterest.

If you don’t have a person right there to measure their head size, then there are lots of size charts on the internet. I printed this one out so that I could make hats for my niece and great niece. Click the picture for a print link to the chart.

size chart for crocheted hats
Click on the chart for a print link.

One of my favorite ways to find cool stitches is to go to Pinterest and search for free crochet patterns. Then I just grab whatever the stitch is and work it for a couple rounds before switching to a different stitch. If you are interested, I’ve amassed quite a fun crochet board on Pinterest. Check it out if you have the time.

Ali the cat helping to arrange crocheted beanies
Ali helping me to arrange the beanies. She has got to have a say in everything.

Stay safe friends.

3 thoughts on “Les’ Beanies

  1. How sweet, love that you make all these things for your husband and he wears them. Your cat has the same name as my cat. Ally is her nick name since her name is Allison Monroe, she is all drama our cat. My husband found her as a kitten by an illegal dump someone did on our alley. Poor thing was barely alive when he brought her in. She still didn’t have her eyes open, we don’t know if someone tossed her in the garbage when they were moving out or what but it was a record heat day and she was going to die if left outside. Usually we leave baby feral kittens alone in case their mother comes back but this did not look like that situation because she was out there for awhile from how hot she felt when my husband brought her in. We gave her tiny drops of water and rubbed her down with a cool rag to cool her. It is a long story but the good news is that she survived and now she is annoying and loving all at the same time. She was spoiled I guess and I don’t think she understands she is a cat, not a person. Anyway, so funny that you have an Ali too, bet she loves all your crafts and yarn.

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    1. Oh, I’m so glad that you found your Ally kitten and saved her. Our Ali was a feral kitten that the shelter picked up. It took her a long time to want to be held, petted or cuddled. She used to hide in tiny spaces with her big, fearful eyes peeking out at us, but now…total different story. She will NOT be ignored. LOL, now she loves being up in arms and in the center of our universe. We spoil her too, but we love it.


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