Indian Summer Crochet

Grey, cream and white has been my crochet yarn of choice for some time now. After all, those are my favorite colors. Suddenly, just as summer was turning to fall, I wanted something that was more colorful and bold to crochet. Hence the total departure of my usual scheme.

close up of crocheted wave pattern afghan
Crocheted wave pattern afghan.

I started this afghan in late summer so I’m calling it Indian Summer. The original pattern can be found on Ravelry. It’s available as a FREE download. Yay! The difference between the pattern that you will find is that it’s a scarf with the design running the length-wise. I have the design running across the afghan.

Indian Summer wave pattern crocheted afghan on bed.
Indian Summer wave pattern

The best way to be safe and prudent during this trying time is to stay home and crochet! Well, that is if you are retired. Otherwise, go to work, but crochet on your lunch break while social distancing. šŸ˜€

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