Still Scrapping

I’ve been busy catching up on Tatiana’s scrapbook pages. Time sure does seem to get away from me. These double layouts were from a couple years ago. I’m going to start sharing from oldest to latest.

Scrap-booking about a four year old's interests
I wanted to do a spread each year featuring Tati’s interests during that period. I think that when she gets to adulthood it will be fun for her to look back and see how she has changed through the years.
Double scrapbook layout of learning to play bsss
Les was trying to teach Stephanie how to play bass. The pictures tell the story.
Scrapbook pages of rock climbing
This kid has had no fear since day one. Her dad is a big sports fan, but her mom can get overly protective and reactive whenever Tat gets a scrape. I think that it must have been her dad who taught Tati that when she falls down, she jumps up with her hands in the air to declare, “I’m OK” with a big smile on her face. Or maybe she just does not want to witness her mom having a meltdown over spills. Whatever made her start doing that- it is so cute.
Scrapping Sedona
Loving Red Rocks State Park. The white scribble frames and the Title, “Sedona” are from my Cricut cutter.
Scrapbook layout of Bearizona
A family outing to Bearizona, Tati’s favorite place. She never gets tired of going there to see the animals. Personally, I have a major love/hate attitude about zoos- even those that are rescues and are in open areas such as this facility. They are still in cages and I hate that. On the other hand I think that it is good for kids to appreciate the beauty of wildlife so that they grow up to protect it. Such a conundrum.

I hope that you have enjoyed the tour. Please feel free to share your scrapping in the comments section- either pages or links. I would love to see what you are doing with your books.

7 thoughts on “Still Scrapping

    1. I hope that she does. I gave/ threw away so much when I was younger and the things were not important to me. Things that, now, I sure wish that I had kept. Hopefully her mom will keep them until Tatiana is old enough to appreciate them.

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  1. That is some pretty awesome scrapbooking! Actually make scrapbooks for my brother and sister after my father passed and it was so awesome an experience! I got a kick out of going back in flipping through the scrapbook and looking at my handiwork 🙂

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    1. It’s funny how we forget what we made and it is definitely fun looking back. My mother-in-law has a large curio cabinet that houses, along with her collectables, all of the things that Les and I have made for her over the years. The last time that we visied,I was peering into the cabinet when she said, “I haven’t put anything new in there.” I told her that I forget what we have made so it’s fun to look back and see it all over again. 😀


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