The Real Crafter’s Mess

Artist’s / crafter’s studios are fascinating. I love getting glimpses into like minded people’s work area and I also like to share my studio spaces since they are kind of fun to me. But truly, my pictures are of a cleaned up work area since the real event is messy and kind of embarrassing. But, feeling guilty, I thought that I would show my real craft area when I am in the middle of a project. In this case, it is trying to catch up on three years of scrapping for my niece and great niece. (I have finished two years and am now working on 2019, so it’s coming along.)

and the crafter mess grows
scrapper's heaven- a messy but fun scrapbook fest
planning fourth of july scrapbook layout
Scrapbook messes
Sandra McCall's messy craft studio
BTW, see those containers of brads in the lower right corner of the above photo? $2.00 each at Goodwill. Score! I love it when they undervalue art supplies.
Also, the tablecloth that you see in the picture was a back-felted vinyl cloth that was at Hobby Lobby clearance reduced to $.50 cents each. I bought five of them so that we can do as much painting on the table and not mess it up. I also keep one in our camp bag so that we can paint on a relatively clean surface when we are out camping and we won’t mess up the picnic tables.

Anyone want to share your studio pics here? Messy or otherwise?

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