How I store my Cricut cuts

The Cricut is great for cutting scrapbook elements as well as for making dollhouse miniatures. I usually make multiple cuts of the same design, but in different colors, so that they are ready to go when I am.

Need I say that I do everything in multiples? Yep, I’m a production kind of girl. If I’m making one of something, then ten is better. All in different sizes and colors. Soooo…that means that I have a lot of little cuts that need to be organized.

storage of Cricut elements for scrapbooks
I filled a three ring binder with different sheet protectors. Some are full pockets that I slip larger cuts into. Here are some cute scribble frames for photos.
travel scrapbook page
This is an example of how I use the scribble frames on a scrapbook page. The title “Sedona” is a cut also.
cutter element storage
Larger circle and borders go into a full sized sheet protector. I did not take a picture of it, but my really large frames and cuts, like 12 x 12s, go into one of the scrap paper plastic bins.

Off topic, but I need to tell you this in case you are on the fence about buying a cutter. Les and I drug our feet in purchasing a Cricket because someone told us that you could only use the Cricut cartridges. When we did our own homework FINALLY, we found out that we can upload our own JPEGs to the Cricut Design Space. Whoo-hoo! Les uses the machine to cut vinyl stickers, labels, logos and for making silkscreens and stencils too. OK, back to element storage.

SVG cuts storage
I also have divided protectors in the binder for smaller cuts. Most of these were used to make Halloween medallion ornaments for my little Halloween tree. Some of them ended up on a scrapbook page as well.
scrapbook embellishment organization
If I’ve done a lot of the same cuts but in different colors, I stick them into square snack baggies so that I can store them all together in a full sized pocket sheet protector. I know that it does not look like it, but each baggie is filled with the same cut of a variety of flowers and leaves that were one one page in my design center. I just kept running the same 12 x 12 floral layout, and then a 12 x 12 sheet of a variety of leaves but with different colors of paper.
example of SVG cuts on a scrapbook page
The flowers as they are seen in my holder-folder look kind of boring, but they are cute when marked up with pens, and you stack them up with other flowers, brads, buttons, etc.

If you have developed storage solutions for your cut out elements, please share. Just post your pics in the comments section. I would love o see what you do with all those little pieces. 😀

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