Winter Fun Scrapbook Pages

Scrap-booking was never my thing until my great niece was born. She is so darn cute (yes, I’m biased) that I want to take pics of her every move.

My plan was to document every year with a scrapbook. Ummm…I am now three years behind! Yikes! As I’ve been working on catching up, I have been looking over old layouts and remembering that I had also planned on putting my pages up on my blog to share but…. Let’s just say that this girl is so very easily distracted. Stick with a plan? Who me?

Winter is fun. Can I share some pages from December and January?

Scrapbook double page layout
The mall always has Christmas fun activities for the family in December. Even at four, Tati was already a little fashionista. She was so excited to show me how she was wearing Mom’s scarf and her new flannel shirt. That kid cracks me up.
Prescott Christmas Parade scrapbook double page layout
The Christmas parade is a big deal in Prescott and it was an even bigger deal to Tati that she got to ride on one of the floats with her Mom and friends.
Aqua Christmas scrapbook pages
Each year I help my niece set up her Christmas decor. The year of 2016 was all about aqua for her so I kept the color for the tree and interior primarily aqua.
double page scrapbook layout for a ski trip
You live in Flagstaff, you gotta love snow. This was a Mammas-only ski day. Looks like they had fun.

9 thoughts on “Winter Fun Scrapbook Pages

  1. Those are wonderful scrapbook pages. 5 – 6 years ago I decided that I would have NO LOOSE PHOTOS in my life and if it did not get into a scrapbook it got thrown out. As a result I made a whole bunch of scrapbooks. I am so happy now to have those memories curated and in scrapbooks instead a box of old photos.

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    1. Thanks Tierney.
      I’ve been going through old box photos too. It’s amazing how many pics I do not recall as to where and when. I wish that I had organized (and written captions) years ago. But, no time like the present, right?


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