Basket Weave Stitch- another Free Crochet Pattern

I Love crochet! There- I’ve said it. Oh, you already guessed? Maybe you did not know this then…what I love more than discovering cool new-to-me patterns is when I find them for free. And boy! I’m loving finding so many free patterns on the web. Now if I could just find a source for free yarn. (grin)

basketweave crochet stitch on a scarf
Infinity Cowl Scarf in the basketweave stitch

The basketweave stitch yields a very simple but interesting textural stitch. I made this infinity scarf in a soft variegated yarn. It is wide enough to use as a cowl and head covering for the really cold days.

crocheted scarf in basketweave stitch
Wide infinity scarf crocheted in a soft, variegated yarn

This stitch pattern was found on Daisy Farm Crafts. Their web site is another one that has a ton of cool free crochet patterns and projects. If you need video tutorials for any of the patterns, well my gosh! They have a ton of those too on the Daisy Farm Crafts YouTube channel.

Basketweave crochet pattern
For complete stitch how-to just click on the picture.

Happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Basket Weave Stitch- another Free Crochet Pattern

  1. Okay, I am a fanatic when it comes to baskets and weaving and this stitch really got me wishing I knew how to crochet. I just can not master it, my aunts have tried since I was little and all I can do is the chain. I always tell my aunts there is only so much room in my brain when it comes to be creative and I guess there is just no room for that. That’s okay because I can always buy from all you great crochet artist out there. This came out really pretty.

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    1. Thank you. I just taught my niece and my great niece (the ones in the scrapbook pages) how to craochet a couple weeks ago. Tatiana took to it right away and was busy making all kinds of things for her dolls. My niece- not so much. LOL. She said the same thng as you, “Out of room in my brain”. and “Can I pay you to make an afghan for me?” 😅


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