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Your Local Friends of the Library Store Has Amazing Deals on Books

Out side of art and crafts and music, Les and I LOVE books! Except for the bathrooms, we have at least one bookshelf in every room of the house. One of our all-time favorite places to score great books is our library. I don’t know if every state has a “Friends of the Library” store, but it will be worth your time to check it out.

This is one wall of our “dining room. Yes, there is a table and some chairs, but the other sides of the room are lined with art supplies (as it should be.)
This is just a small sampling of fab art books that we got on our last trip.
Lots of fun prompts on colorful pages.
See What I mean? Don’t you just want to start doodling?
The cover is kind of…but then you look inside this book and oh, WOW!
Some journaling examples for our friend, Lesley Riley.
And from our friend Jenny Doh, more art journal examples.
I won’t say that this book changed my life, I’m still reading it, but MAN! There are some wonderful chapters on how you may have lost your creative confidence and how you may get it back. Loving this book.
The ‘Creative Confident’ also has a lot of full color gorgeous artwork inside.
This book has a ton of cool ideas to jump start your mixed media painting fun.
And example of monotype combined with watercolor. Along with the examples, there are great step-by-step instructions for making each type of art.
Two books from our friend, Rîce Freeman Zachary. Rïce is an artist herself so, she has a clue about the life of a working artist. Along with her knowledge of art and craft, Rïce has a fun, fast flowing way of writing that I really enjoy reading. There are, of course, several different stories from varied artists explaining how they work, what their studio situation is like, how they overcome creative blocks and so on.

The lesson here? Check out your local “Friends of the Library” store. I truly hope that your city has at least one.

7 thoughts on “Your Local Friends of the Library Store Has Amazing Deals on Books

    1. Awe, I wish that you did too. Every place that I have lived has had them so I didn’t know if they were all over the country or not.

      I also ordered a bunch of watercolor books from this site.
      The price ranged from 3 – 6 dollars for mine and it was free shipping over $15.00. I mean FREE shipping on books? Score!

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  1. That art journal does make me want to create right away! What a great selection. We have a Friends of the Library but they don’t have a bookstore – sometimes a book sale or two and at one library near us they have an ongoing sale.

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  2. We have a huge bookstore in our city library filled with all kinds of used books. I always love stopping in to see what they have for sale. You picked some great books. The doodle book is my favorite, I would have bought that too. So much fun creating art.

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    1. Ooooh, lucky you. I’m going to check it out the next time that we go south.
      We always hit up Bookman’s too, but lately they seem to have raised their prices quite a bit.

      It is still where I buy most of my Somerset art/craft and decorating magazines because the retail prices on mags are so high now.


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