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My Halloween/Fall Living Room Reveal- Part Two

I cannot believe how fast this month has gone! It’s almost Halloween and I haven’t even posted my reveal- part two. Well, here it finally is.

You may recall (from part 1) that this is the entryway wall before the seasonal decor change. I wanted to point out the black console table that is now moved to the concrete wall.
Concrete wall before fall decor. The white chippy table is now over by the entry wall as you saw in the part one post.
And after: this is the concrete wall with it’s new/old table. To get a kind of window frame look for this wall, I cut and glued 1×2’s into a grid pattern. It, by no means looks like a window frame, but I think that it adds a cute touch.
On a side note, Les skim coated this wall with a concrete patch mix a few years back. I just love the way that it turned out.
handmade window frame for a rustic Halloween
The wreath is ( what else?) a thrift store find. There is a fire alarm at the top, so I added the ribbons and the fall looking vine piece to conceal it.
Living room before fall decor
The “Power” wall before fall decor. It’s called that because of the power sign that Les made for me. It was supposed to go in my gym, but he made it to point out the window. I CANNOT have my workouts flying out the window! I love it though, so it ended up in the living room.
And after seasonal decor. This wall is what you see when you look straight ahead as you enter he house. I’m going to make a post to show you what that chair looked like when I got it from the thrift store. I bought it even though it was ugly because it is really sturdy and comfortable and it was only $12.00. When we moved out of state, we had to pare down a LOT of possessions. But I just could not part with most of my rubber stamps. Those drawers are where I keep most of the stamps.
Halloween collectables and primitive decor
More Halloween decorations. You can see what I mean when I say that the direction is blurred. My whole house is kind of prim, kind of grunge, kind of handmade, kind of vintage, kind of modern and on and on. It is especially bad since both Les and I are collectors and makers. Oh well, who needs a nice cohesive house anyway?
There is a line in one of the television series that I used to watch. The nice lady asked the other, “Do you know what surprises me the most about this house?” The snooty lady answered, “What? That nothing in this house costs over twenty-five dollars?” That cracked me up because it describes my thrifty house perfectly.
Living room Halloween decor
In case you were curious about my concrete wall, this is how it fits together with the “Power” wall.
more Halloween decorations
When you open the front door, this wall is to your right. I’m not showing a before pic because the only thing that I changed is to hang a wreath over the mirror and to line up cute collectables on the top shelf.
a group of Halloween collectables

And now it is almost time to rearrange once again. LOL, but I love it and will continue until it is no longer fun for me.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love everything but my favorite is the “Power Wall” because of the cool book displays and the little drawers – those are so cool in the center! You have great decorating tastes (in miniature for doll houses and in full size ha!)

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