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Fall Decor 2019 part 1- Plus an Easy Project Idea

This year’s holiday decor will start off as a mix of Halloween and fall. It seems to me that the months are speeding by way too fast to be able to fully decorate for Halloween, Thanks Giving and then Christmas right on the heels of everything else.

Here’s the deal. I’m figuring that if I can combine holidays from the get-go, then I will just have to modify a little as each one arrives.

The tall cabinets get a touch of fall too.

OH! I am also going to combine styles as well as holidays. So the challenge is to make vintage, flea market style, Prims, 50s kitsch, Modern Farmhouse style, old and new collectables and everything else that I own go together. I used to try to keep things more in sync for each holiday, but nope, this year I am going to get out everything that gives me pleasure to see. The plan is to start small, with the little shelf above the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Halloween display
First version of the decorated shelf above the refrigerator. Nope. Too Halloween and too orange. I want something a little more calming for the kitchen. Get rid of the Trick or Treat sign and balance out the shelf a a little more.

My first incarnation on the little shelf was a little too Halloween. Hmmm…I believe that I want the kitchen to reflect more of the “Family gathering” type of thing. So, it will be more about “fall” and less about “Halloween”.

Working on fall decor 2019
Second version- too Blah. Also, too much stacked on the box and not enough on the left side. Close those GAPS!
Fall ideas for display
Close-up of second version. Cute, but not quite there yet. Maybe I have something better than the gourds?

The next version of the shelf was too pale. It also had too much stacked on the little box with too little off to the left hand side. I don’t like a lined up, bing, bing, bing look either. Rather, I favor things that are joined to each other by slight overlapping and height variations. I like the wooden house better than the gourds though.

Kitchen shelf display for fall 2019
Yeah, I like the little houses better. Also, there is more balance and overlap between items. Not too busy, not to plain. Yep, this is it.

The final version after moving, replacing and moving things again. Finally, a happy medium with balance.

Arranging a shelf display for fall
Same chicken, but turned so that the red shows and not the aluminum color.

On a side note: here is a fun little decorating tip. Save those rectangular tins from the International Delights coffees. Then you can cover them with whatever suits your fancy. I glued a piece of fringed burlap to mine. Then I glued thin cording at the top and bottom of each can. Next came two little buttons that I hot glued to the front of the can. Voila! Now I have a cute little containers for my flowers.

DIY fall decor
Note the burlap covered tin. I made these about six years ago and have been using them ever since.

Happy decorating!

Fall decore 2019
Do I see an unsightly gap? Yikes! Move the pitcher 3/4 inch to the right. LOL . ..And on and on it goes.

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