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Spicy Nachos Keto Style

If you are following a Keto diet and you want a spicy snack FAST, then these nachos will do the trick.

Spicy nachos with Keto cheese chips

Check out my easy way to make cheese chips without the mess of turning on the oven and heating up the whole house in the summertime. The secret is in my trusty fry pan.

To make the cheese chips: Cut a round of parchment paper to line the inside of your fry pan.

Sprikle grated cheese onto the parchment paper. I LOVE the taste of almost burnt mozzarrella so I start with that and then sprinkle cheddar on top of the mozzarella.

Mozarrella, cheddar and nacho spices in a parchment paper lined fry pan.

Now, sprinkle seasonings all over the cheese. Use anything that you like. I used taco seasoning, cayenne pepper, paprika, and black pepper for these nachos chips. Also try them with garlic powder, onion powder and black pepper.

Turn the flame to high and bubble up that cheese. Keep it going until the edges of the cheese look like they are about to burn. That is how you get a crispy chip.

Cook cheese until it looks burnt along the edges. Slide out of the pan and onto a cutting mat. Doesn’t the backside look pretty? And it’s nice and crispy when it cools.

Turn off the flame and slide the cheesy parchment paper onto a cutting mat. Let cool.

I then slide the cheese crisp onto a paper towel and blot off some of the extra cheddar cheese oil. This is optional, and just so that the chips are easier to handle. (You will still need a napkin or a whole roll of paper towels for your hands with this snack.)

Cut the cheese into chip shapes of your choice.

Top with anything that you like on your nachos. I have guacamole, sour cream, sliced black olive. Another favorite is sliced radishes for a little extra crunch and heat.

Enjoy! (I know I did!)