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Weathering Dollhouse Shingles

Well, I just stepped back to take a look at my new stone foundation, and WHAT?! I love the grey color of the stone, but now the roof shingles are way too dark and heavy. Grrr…1 step forward, two steps back.

Dark shingles with a light rock foundation. It looks totally unbalanced.

The original shingles are stained with English Walnut. I love the color, but now that I want to change it, the question is how? You may think, that’s easy – use watered down acrylic paint, but I am worried that the paint will not stick and look good over a solvent based stain. Using a grey stain will not work because with stain, the more coats of anything that you put on, the darker it gets- even with the antique white color stain. Boy, I wish that I had thought to do the roof with grey shingles.

Then it hit me! What did I use to weather trains and houses back when Les and I had an HO scale train layout? Chalk! I’ll bet that will work. Well, the first coat was light and OK, but not as weathered as I wanted it to be. Read on for my steps to success.

MK face powder and a large, soft mop brush

I started out with regular white chalk and a stiff brush. It was OK, but not sticking all that well. Then I remembered my big ole’ jar of Mary Kay face powder. I thought that it may have some type of cream or something in it so I tried it with a big, fluffy mop brush. YES ! That MK powder was no longer sitting unused in my cosmetics drawer. Yay!

The first coat of powder was better, but not good enough.

OK, pretty good, but a second coat of powder did not seem to be sticking to the shingles. Enter Workable Fixatif. I sprayed the whole roof with a light coat and proceeded to add more powder. I sealed it with a final coat of Fixatif and could not be happier with the results. Now I have a weathered roof that looks like it was meant to be.


LOL, and all of this fuss over a dollhouse. I know, I’ve stepped over the edge, but you would be too if the mini bug bit you hard. ๐Ÿ˜…

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