Dollhouse miniatures

How to make stone blocks for your 1/12 scale model house

OK, yeah it’s a dollhouse, but “1/12 scale model house” just sounds better. It’s more in keeping with the amount of work that goes into making a dollhouse, don’t you think?

I’m still working on the Victoria’s Farmhouse dollhouse kit. Cladding the foundation was next and it took me a great deal of time to decide on material, but when I did, it was gung-ho!

It was easy and fairly fast to finish the foundation once I made my decision on a slate block. The base material is a piece of thick chipboard that was used to cover a very large shipping container. I dragged the scrap home from work because I knew that it would make good “stone”.

The first step in making my rock was to fill a spray bottle with a mixture of black and brown watered down paint. Then I spritzed the board all over and unevenly with the paint.

The sponges came out next. I used a tan, cream, grey and white color to lay down sponged coats of paint all over the board.

Last, I went outside to see what size rock is on the foundation, transferred that to 1/12 scale and got busy measuring and cutting out little blocks. I started by cutting strips and peeling off a little of the chipboard layers. I wanted the rock surface to be different thickness. It turned out to be unevenly perfect- just like real rock.

Gluing rocks with E-6000
The finished foundation
With the newly weathered shingles. Love the grey. Can you tell?