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A Nifty Miniature Rocking Horse Made With Ordinary Things

Miniature rocking horse

This little rocking horse took his time being born. I started making him last fall. Stuff happened and stuff happened, as it does, to hinder my mini makes. Now, seven months later, he is finally ready to show you how he was assembled.

In a nutshell, you take one plastic toy horse, add some chipboard rockers and some cotton cord mane and you have an adorable little rocking horse for your dollhouse, room-box or diorama. Check out these easy steps to cuteness.

Buy a pack of inexpensive plastic horses from the Dollar Store.
  1. Use a craft knife to cut the tail off the toy horse. Ouch! Sorry, but it’s got to be done.
Cut the rocker and little floor boards out of thin chipboard. I used my Cricut Air 2, but you can use scissors or an X-acto knife as well.
Glue the rocker assembly together and attach to horse. I used regular white tacky glue.

Paint the horse with acrylic paint. I started with a coat of white. Then I bounced the colors back and forth with brown, grey, rust and white until I had a finish that I liked.
Paint the rocker and, again, bounce the colors back and forth until you get a finish that you like. I used a dry brush technique for the paining and the antiquing.
My final dry brushed coat of paint was white.
Use string or cord of your choice to make a mane and tail. I used cotton yarn, tied a couple pieces together and then separated each strand.
Miniature rocking horse
Use tacky glue to attach the mane in the opposite direction that you want it to go. When The glue is dry, you can flip the mane to the other side of the horse’s neck and glue it down. This will give you a nice even line where the mane meets the horse. When dry, trim it to the length that you like.
Drill a hole into the horse’s hind. Gather a group of fiber together and use glue to attach the tail to the horse. Trim as desired.

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