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Debbie Gill’s Miniature Room-boxes

Since the pain of the long, hot drive to Tucson a couple months ago had faded, we decided that we needed to drive down to take another look at the Mini Time Machine. The special exhibit featuring Debbie Gill’s miniatures is what really interested us this time. Absolutely everything that she uses to make her mini masterworks are from items that are slated for the trash bin (or was found already in the trash bin). Recycled and up-cycled art is one of our favorites- both to do and to view.

So lets step into a cool (as in air conditioned and out of this Tucson summer heat) amazing world of miniatures.
Debbie makes everything herself – no store bought minis for her. If you look closely you will see what I mean. For instance, those aren’t store-bought mini scissors. Those are tiny bits of wire and paint crafted to look like the real thing. I love the crumpled up candy wrappers in the trash bin. I can sure relate to that!
The shabby chic rooms were adorable. Especially since Debbie decorated them for Christmas- it’s one of my favorite holidays. Check out her floral arrangements too  They’re so CUTE!
I could live in this little living room. The relaxing colors are right in with my decorating style. And the dried cotton ball stalks in the glass vase! How cute are they?! I can’t wait for my dollhouse build to be done so that I can start decorating. In the meantime, I’m collecting a ton of ideas and knowledge.
The shabby bedroom had so many cool little details like jewelry and cosmetics. Notice the tiny bill-fold next to the purse. Too cute!

There were a lot of other rooms created by Debbie too. She had 60s, a BoHo room, a man-cave, a music rehearsal space in a garage- just on and on. The skill, detail and variety was so fun to see. If you want to check out more of Debbie’s work click here.  This link will take you to Debbie’s Facebook page. Debbie does not seem to have a regular web site, but her Facebook page shows a lot of posts with her techniques detailed out in photos.


The photo above is from the Mini Time Machine’s web site. You can click on the photo and it will take you to the museum’s site telling you about the special exhibits as well as the regular exhibits.


Finally, here are my purchases for the weekend. The hand blown glass vases were from the museum store and the tiny little bag is what they packed them in. I love it! The framed miniature painting is from an e-bay auction that was waiting in our mailbox when we got back from Tucson.

We also went to two different Bookman’s while in town. That yielded a big haul of new/old books to peruse. So much fun.

Thanks for joining me on our Tucson miniature adventure. šŸ˜Ž


7 thoughts on “Debbie Gill’s Miniature Room-boxes

  1. I want to sleep in that puffy bed. Oh, it looks like a heaven of a place to visit, this museum. What you said about how she makes everything, it made me think of something I saw in an exhibit back in March, local art show for high school students, and the show winner was a girl who did a diner. Same thing, everything, she made it. Take a look here if you like – it’s at the top of the post and I have a little slideshow of photos –

    I can’t wait to see more of your own house.


    1. Yes! The museum is so much fun. They have classes for kids too. When we were there, they were making room-boxes. I only got a peek through a little window into a big room. It looked like they were painting an ocean-scape inside the boxes.
      I went to check out your link. Thanks for that. Les and I get excited to visit the buildings that house kid’s art at fairs. They are the BEST!


  2. Thank you so much for viewing my exhibit at the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures and sharing it! I just randomly stumbled upon it and was amazed by your kind words. I am so glad my mini rooms are appreciated they are near and dear to my heart. Again, thank you so much!!!

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    1. Wow Debbie! I feel like royalty has graced my comment box. Yes! We loved your rooms. Both Les and I oohed and awed over them, looked at all of them in detail, and then went back to look at them again before we left the museum. You did such an amazing job on the rooms – your imagination sure won out. They were all so much fun! Thank YOU for a joyful day. šŸ˜ƒ


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