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Dollhouse Closet,Fabric and RUGS!


Victoria’s Farmhouse is moving along, although it’s been a little on the slow side. I keep getting distracted by other things. In this case, making rugs! First; progress on the dollhouse… Since there will be an access panel on the side of the house I decided to add a walk in closet to part of the master bedroom. I WAS going to put in a small bathroom, but I REALLY want to try to make tiny little shoes and luggage. I dreamed about the most perfect pair of tiny brocade pumps so a closet is needed to house them. I know me and I cannot just make one of anything so a closet it will be. The other half of the back of the room will be a reading nook. As usual, I installed scrapbook paper for the wallpaper in the master. It took a lot of pouring over scrap paper books, but I’m happy with the final selection.

The pencil lines on the closet installation are where I will put more vertical uprights and then more shelves. And that little lamp sitting on the shelf will go on the ceiling after all is completed. It’s a battery operated led light, so no hard wiring is involved. YAY! The little girl’s room will get the small chandelier pictured on top of the fabric below. First I have to alter it though. A lady on eBay was selling a dollhouse lamp-lot for a GREAT price so I snapped it up. I’m thinking about adding tiny aqua colored crystal beads and putting my own spin on the lamp. LOL, no pun intended.


THEN I got distracted by selecting fabric even though I am nowhere near completion of  the house. Ah well, here is what I think may be in the girl’s room and in the master bedroom. And a guilty secret- I’ve already started a bed.  I said that I will wait on furniture till the house is done. hahaha…don’t ever listen to me on that advice because I start out with good intent, but….

Next, I thought ,”I’m playing with fabric, what can it hurt to make two little rugs for the living room and master bedroom?” (grin)

more rugs

One rug turned into four and then into double that and then…I can’t stop making rugs! even-more-rugs

They are so CUTE! I’m kind of thinking that I may try to sell some on eBay. That can be my retirement job.

This morning I got up with an idea for a mid-century modern rug. After I designed the art, I thought that it would also make an adorable framed print for wall art. That’s what you see in the bottom part of the last photo. Now I’m making a little black frame for the print. And doing laundry, and doing the dishes, and cleaning above the refrigerator and the tops of the cabinets…we hardly use any oil to cook. Where does this stuff come from?!

Wishing you a fun time in whatever you are doing.

7 thoughts on “Dollhouse Closet,Fabric and RUGS!

    1. Thanks Annette. I’m so obsessed with everything about it right now – it’s crazy but crazy fun. Only 10 months till retirement, then I can REALLY go crazy on it. r you blogging these days? Would love to see what you’ve been up to. Still artsy/crafty?


  1. Love reading about your doll house and all the things you are planning. On one of the pictures I see a hardwood floor. Did you paint the floor first and then laid the wood floor? I’m working on Victoria’s Farmhouse. Actually I started it a week ago.

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    1. Thanks for reading Bobbie,
      I laid the floor first and then stained it brown- didn’t like that, sanded a whole lot and added a grey stain over the brown. I like that it looks kind of like beach wood. From now on, I’m going to attach the wood or tile flooring to a piece of mat board and THEN install it with double stick tape. It was way too hard to sand and repaint once the wood pieces were glued down to the actual house.


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