Scrapbook 4 page layout

How do you scrapbook a layout if your event has waaay too many photos? And your client wants most, if not ALL, of the pics in said layout?

That was my dilemma when I scrapped my great niece’s birthday party. My niece is a really busy single mom, so I offered to make scrapbooks to document her daughter’s life. I mean, I love it and it’s fun, but sometimes my niece has her own ideas of how a certain event should be scrapped and those ideas don’t always gel with mine. So it was with this fourth birthday party.


To sort things out, I divided the photos into four different categories, one for each of four pages. We made little gift tags, water bottle tags and invites so we wanted to include those memories on the pages too. My niece finally agreed that ALL of the photos of the party would make a huge scrapbook of just one day in Tatiana’s little life, so we edited- – – a LOT. (grin)


My fix for so many photos was to print them fairly small, stay on a grid and keep a small white border around each picture for separation and clarity.


The weeks ahead of the party and then the day of the event were full of frenetic activities.


Normally, I would say that these pages are way too busy, but I’m happy to say that I think the colorful pages reflect the high energy of the party in a fun kind of way.


5 thoughts on “Scrapbook 4 page layout

  1. I think it’s the kind of thing that rewards examination but I also think this is exactly the kind of event that the parents and child will enjoy looking over it in detail photo by photo. I think you did good. !!!

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  2. Wonderful scrapbook pages! A couple of years ago I made myself scrapbook all my photos into a series of scrapbooks based on where I lived or special trips. If the photo did not work in a scrapbook then I tossed it. I am very happy to be free of loose photos and I am going to digital scrapbook next time I want a scrapbook. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tierney. Les asked why I don’t scrapbook our lives, but the answer is I’m just too lazy right now. You accomplished a massive undertaking by scrapping your memories. Of course, you are a lot younger so will have way less photos. LOL… I already have to ask Les when and where the pics were taken- I’ve forgotten so much. When I retire… I’ll go more digital too, but I’ll still have to have a lot of colorful papers scattered all around me. I don’t think I’m happy unless I’m in the middle of an art/craft mess.

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