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Dollhouse Construction – Flooring

The next part of my dollhouse construction involves flooring of the living room and kitchen. About 20 years ago, I built a dollhouse in the way that was instructed. Whooo boy! I learned from that experience that it is way too hard to paint tiny little trim, walls, install floor covering, wallpaper and lights AFTER the build. That was just crazy, so now I am trying to do paint and installations as well as making any plan changes as each floor goes up. So to begin this post, I have the first floor base built as well as the walls. The outside walls are painted. The inside walls have a base-coat of paint on them

After carefully cutting and gluing down each piece of my pine wood floor in the living room, I stained it a nice chestnut color. ARGH! I hated it! It looked like a log cabin which would be fine if that was the look that I was going for. Nope – it did not look modern at all. So I sanded and sanded and sanded till my arms were falling off.


When most of the chestnut stain was gone, I added a layer of grey stain. YES! That’s what I want for my dollhouse living room. Happy with that color, I painted my living room walls a nice, soft grey color. Next came the kitchen tiles.


After pouring through my scrapbook papers, I decided on a mottled grey paper that looks kind of like slate tile. Actually, it looks almost identical to the tile in my own full-sized kitchen. I guess I like what I like. (grin) The paper is a card-stock weight, so it cuts easily and holds up to the glue.

I colored the edges of each tile with a black Sharpie so that the white line of the card would not show when glued down. You can see that the black Sharpie looks like black grout when the tiles are glued into place. A foam brush and diluted white glue did the job of fixing the tile in place. Each tile is 1″ x 1-1/2″ to mimic the over sized slate tiles. One thing that I learned from this step was to paint my floor black FIRST! Then the brown MDF would not look like brown grout lines in places where the paper shrunk a little when dry. More than half of my floor is right anyway. The problem was not big enough to make me scrape off all the the previously tiled area, that’s for sure.


After both floors were complete they were treated to a coat of Future floor wax. It gave a nice semi-gloss finish and made the slate kitchen tile look more “real”.

To keep the little baseboards and door in place while the glue set up, I used every kind of weight that I could find. I also needed clamps for the door.


The walls are painted with regular interior house paint that was leftover from my own walls. Did I ever tell you that I LOVE grey?

The kitchen wallpaper is going to be on only one accent wall. This paper is also a heavy scrapbook paper. Cute, huh?

Stay tuned. The next installation will be custom ceiling fixtures that really work. THEN I can add the second floor.


6 thoughts on “Dollhouse Construction – Flooring

    1. Thanks Annette. From this house and trying to build in a logical order, I truly don’t see how people get through a real build without going mad. I’m only on the first floor and going, “argh! I forgot this, I need to change this” , and on and on.. LOL, It’s already been a lot of smacking my head.


    1. Thanks Joan. 😊 The floor is one of those sheets that you buy from Hobby Lobby. It was scored to look like planks, but I didn’t like how flat it was so I cut them apart and glued each one down individually. I stained it after the floor was glued into place.


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