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Thrifty Storage Ideas for Gift Wrap and Ribbon

After every holiday, when the clearance prices drop to 80 or 90 percent off, I tell myself, “Do NOT buy any more decorations, paper or ribbon!” And then….

Things stacked on the floor or things that have no “home” really bother me. It was time for another storage solution.  The paper rolls that were shoved into the corner between the card-stock cabinet and the wall needed a home. They also had to be on the wall and OFF the floor. OH! And, as always, it had to be a thrifty solution. After browsing the hardware and home supply stores, I found large, inexpensive hooks for hanging bicycles.


I lined them up, two by two, for a total of six hooks. It worked out perfectly to hold my rolls of paper. Then, I went to Hobby Lobby to get two metal baskets to hold the small spools of miscellaneous ribbon.


The ribbon on top of the card-stock cabinet is lined up in a thrift store cabinet that I painted and sanded for a shabby chic look. The rest are stored in pantry jars, boxes and baskets.


On the other side of the window wall is more ribbon storage, this time in an old cassette box. Then, turn the corner and you will find even more ribbon in boxes, baskets and on one of the shelves.

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All of this organizing of ribbon and gift wrap made me wonder if there are any cool craft ideas for curling ribbon on the internet. So I searched Google and Pinterest and guess what!? Here are some links that you may be interested in checking out.


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2 thoughts on “Thrifty Storage Ideas for Gift Wrap and Ribbon

  1. Hi Sandra, I just came across your photo with rolls of gift wrapping paper stored with large bicycle racks. Would you please tell me where you purchased these hooks. I have the same situation as you, many rolls of wrapping paper. They need storage badly, I’ve been online looking for them but just can’t seem to find anything close to these. Please let me know where you got them.
    Thank You, – LoRay

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