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Free Printable Coloring Pages by ME

Interest in the adult coloring book craze has been amazing. You can find book after book in craft stores, book stores and even printable pages online. Of course- don’t you just know- I have to add in a few of my own drawings to the mix.

My drawings are from some of the cards that I made using rubber stamps that I designed for various stamp companies. Some are from paintings that I did and some are from block cuts. The abstracts are drawings that I made especially for this project.

There are three collections assembled here. Click on the image or on the title of the collection that you want to get the full sized PDF file that you can print out for free. No kidding, no come-ons and no unending pesky ads to load up before you can download your coloring pages.

Coloring Collection 1

coloring page

Coloring Collection 2

abstract art color pages

Coloring Collection 3

S McCall

Have fun! And, if you can, send me pics of your work in the comments section. I would love to see the collaboration between my art and your beautiful coloring of it.

6 thoughts on “Free Printable Coloring Pages by ME

    1. Thanks Claudia. After I saw your generous posts about free art, I decided to do the same, but I never did get off my duff and start painting one a day. Your painting gems will be on my next post coming soon. I had them all ready to go and then changed the carpet. LOL. Now I have to take different shots of the art wall.


      1. You are so nice to be thinking about this – I am glad my little paintings are doing their job and fitting in. I enjoy seeing what you are doing to your space – you have a great eye for color and arranging things in space, whether the shelf items or the furniture.

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      2. Oh shoot! Claudia, I finally finished my piece on your artwork. Went to your give away page for the link address to find nothing posted right now. I was so amazed that you give away artwork that it was what I wanted to share on FB. I can re-do the post with not so much emphasis on the give-aways if you like.


      3. Hmmm…Well, I’ll probably be putting some new things up later in the fall. I wanted to wait until I finished the art show season and go over what I have on hand and so on. I love it that you want to mention it, and even if there is nothing there now, that people know about it, is a good thing, I think. You are very kind to be thinking of me!

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