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Summery Yellow Pops of Color

So you got the low-down on my easy accent pillow transformation here. Next, I want to show you the little pops of bright yellow accents for my living room. Read on for an easy, little DIY surprise.yellow accents via pillowsThis is my living room with this year’s summer outfit. If you look at the bookcases behind the sofa you will see that I’ve spaced little color accents here and there.stage-a-bookcase The easy DIY secret is, of course, spray paint. I wanted inexpensive little cuties that I could paint without a lot of worry so the hunt was on. First I checked out my local thrift stores. Nothing there. Then I went to Ross and Home Goods – nothing cheap enough there.  My last stop was Hobby Lobby. These items were all marked down to 90 percent off the original price. Wow! That works for me!

The liwhite-birdsttle yellow fox in the above photo used to be purple – not the color that I needed. It got a coat of bright yellow Krylon spray paint. The geometric shape on the next shelf down used to be black so it was treated to a coat of metallic gold. The mid-century styled birdies used to be black. They were chirping loudly for a coat of gloss white paint. All in all, I love my newly staged bookcases.






A couple of days later, I went to Pier 1 to see if they had any sales going on. These sprigs of yellow flowers were marked down from $18.95 (I kid you not) to 89 cents! Into my syrup bucket they went and my living room was complete for a happy, colorful summer.

artsy-cornerS McCall

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