Easy DIY, no- sew way to change pillow shapes

yellow accents

Holy-moly! The months are flying by this year! It’s almost time to dress my house in her fall outfit and then, before I can count to ten, it’ll be time for her winter coat. But before the presto change, I wanted to show you my summer decor. For me, the big event always starts with pops of color via pillows. This time, I chose a bright summery yellow to freshen my neutral living room.


I fell in love with this embroidered grey, yellow and white pillow that I found for a song at Marshall’s Home Goods. It is the one that you see centered on the sofa.  I already had the grey and yellow rectangular pillows on hand so I plopped them down on either end of the sofa. The look of of that arrangement with the embroidered pillow as the focal point was pleasing to me.

Now I needed to figure out which pillows would go on the opposing accent chairs. Also at Home Goods, I purchased a pair of inexpensive (read: CHEAP and on sale) yellow pillows. I liked the linen type of fabric, but the square shape did not go at all as you can see. These chairs need a lumbar pillow. I had the grey ones (pictured in the second photo) already tucked away in my closet.

S McCall

In a previous post, I showed you my secrets for easy DIY pillow covers which you can see by clicking here. Now I’ll show you the super easy way that I change pillow shapes to fit the furniture piece. It is no-sew and a fast change. You will simply unzip the cover of the square pillows and take them off. Insert the rectangular pillows and then tuck the excess fabric into the cover – like you would tuck an envelope flap inside the envelope. (In fact I do this with my bed pillow cases that are too long. I love the neat, tucked in look of pillow cases on the bed.)I think that you will agree that the lumbar pillow shape looks MUCH better on this chair.  For more pops of summery yellow in my living room, check out the secrets in my next colorful post.

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