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Portable Pill Box Medicine Cabinet

I was doing my usual trolling of Pinterest when I came upon yet another  brilliant idea. Well, I never would have thought of it on my own, that’s for sure. After seeing the pin, I quickly set up my own kit and figured that maybe this could make your life a little easier too. The pin came from Kandy Kreations.

boxes and bottles of emergency supplies
loaded down with boxes and bottles, oh my.

I have no kids, so this mini medicine cabinet is set up for only me and my husband. I used to carry all kinds of bottles and boxes of product that I may need when out and about. Seriously, everything pictured above was generally to be found in my bulging purse. Sometimes I would try to downsize by putting things into snack baggies or smaller containers, but nothing worked until I stumbled across this pill box idea. Now I have my own nifty little traveling medicine kit that takes up hardly any room at all in my purse.

traveling medicine cabinet

The band-aids needed to be folded to fit, but I have three large band aids in the last compartment. I also tucked a teeny dosage chart in with the Mucinex because I always forget if I’m to take one or two and how many times a day.

Mom's Pill box emergency kit
My Pill Box Emergency Kit

After filling the pill box, I googled product logos for the items that I wanted to carry. Then I printed them, cut them out and attached them to the pill box with double stick tape. Easy peazy – and when I don’t want to carry a purse, I just stick the box into my jacket pocket or my camera case.

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