Focus on Finery with Robert Shields

In my previous post,  In the Art Studio with Robert Shields, we got to tour Robert’s art studio. Now I want to show you his bead collection and a few pieces of his jewelry.

Robert is a “maker”. He loves to draw and design art elements, so he has his hands in all forms of art. His company, Robert Shields Creations encompasses a huge variety of artwork including a line of sterling silver pendants, brooches and beaded jewelry. 

Sterling silver pendants and brooches start with Robert’s original drawings. Then he commissions silversmiths to produce the final elements. Robert says that his goal is to use his sterling pieces and to make at least one piece of jewelry, whether it be a necklace, a brooch or a set of earrings, every day.

His materials of choice are sterling silver, semi-precious stones,  pearls, crystals, hand-made glass and clay beads.

Above are just a few bead trays. Behind the bead table on the wall, you can see a small collection of  his clay masks. In addition to the pieces that Robert makes, he also collects masks and figures from around the world. You can see some of those positioned above the bead drawers.

Robert keeps his beads organized in trays and bins for visual stimulation and for easy reach. The findings and pendants are primarily kept in little see-through drawers such as the ones pictured above.

You can see more of Robert’s story and art at:

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