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One REALLY important Thing That I Wish I’d Known Before Closing down my old blog. was “down” too often for my liking. I wanted a blog platform that was more reliable and I had heard good things about WordPress. So, I closed down my site and leapt on over here to my new blog.

Guess what??? If you simply delete your blog, you will no longer have access to updating any of your old posts. OK, you say. That’s the point, right?

Well, right, but what I did not count on is that my old blog posts are still on the internet and now I have no way of actually deleting them. The search engines bring up my old blog posts, people click on them and then get back to me to tell me that you cannot navigate around my blog. You can’t navigate because it no longer exists. Arghhh! How to stop the search engines from finding my old blog? I have no idea.

If anyone can help me out with this problem, please point me in the right direction. For anyone considering bailing on their old blog, remember to delete every single post before closing the blog down!

S McCall