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How to make REALLY easy and inexpensive pillows

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I LOVE pillows. And I love getting them at really good prices like Ross and TJMax. It is seriously hard for me to resist browsing the pillow aisle at stores. It’s unbelievable how fresh and new you can make a room look just by changing out the accent pillows on a sofa or chair.

It’s also unbelievable how fast you can run out of room in your closet by storing all of your beautiful pillows. Sure, there are Space Bags, but I don’t like looking at a bunch of plastic bags in my closets. My solution is to make pillow covers to go over my existing pillows. That way I get the best of both worlds- lots of pillows taking up very little space.

Let me show you how I have a practically never ending supply of new pillows that don’t take up much space at all.

pillow suppliesThe BEST way to make fast, easy and inexpensive pillow covers is to look for items that are already made into something else that is a really good buy. For instance: place mats, dish towels and thrift store clothing. My new craze this year is woolen scarfs. I found a couple of lovely, grey scarves at target for only $3.00 each. For the winter season, it is also easy and inexpensive to knit or crochet quick, woolen pillow covers.pillowsThe cowl scarf that I bought at Target was already a small size so I simply slipped it onto my existing pillow. If you didn’t want to get out a needle and thread, you could slip a thin ribbon or cord through the knit and tie off as is pictured here. That makes it no-sew which is is even easier to do!pillowFor a place mat with a backing, you can make a cut along a seam, slip in the existing pillow or pillow form and then sew the seam up with a simple whip stitch.front-and-back-snowflake red-snowflakeFor dish towels, simply fold them over and sew shut with a running stitch.sewing-jingle-placemat front-and-back-jingle-place beige-and-white-knit-pillowOr place the mats together, face side out, and use contrasting embroidery thread to run a cute little, rustic stitch along the towels pillows reindeer-placemats-1The adorable little reindeer pillow cover was made with a dish cloth that was folded, face together, to make a pocket with the seam in the back middle. Sew it together, turn it inside out and slip it onto your old pillow. It’s also cute to leave the opening in the front of the pillow and attach a button to the flap.


Last year, I was looking for something with a bold snowflake motif. Eureka! The bright red pillow was made from a thrift store place-mat- only 75 CENTS!pillows

Ali Making sure that I'm really working and not just playing.
Ali Making sure that I’m really working and not just playing.

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